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<nettime-ann> announcement on Thai media at doc.12

From: "Keiko Sei" <>


I would like to say thank you to the people who had given support to Thai independent media, namely Fah Diew Kan and Midnight University when they were banned or shut down last year. Now that the situation of Thailand is becoming even more and more complex and uncertain since then, it is very difficult for people outside to follow the development. Documenta 12, meanwhile, invited editors of these vigorous Thai independent media to talk about the politics and media in Thailand on August 11 as a part of a series of lunch lectures. Their media are also presented at the documenta magazines project, and some of them are sold at the bookshop as well. The editors will be in Kassel from Aug. 6 till 12 and will be ready to talk to anybody who is interested in the situation. <Keiko Sei -inquiry concerning this event to:>

The King, the Army and YouTube ~Thai Forum: Report on the latest situation of politics and media in Thailand

Thanapol Eawsakul (Fah Diew Kan)

Chuwat Rerksirisuk (Prachatai)

Somkiat Tangnamo (Midnight University)

Pinyo Trisuriyatamma (Open)

The dramatic changes in Thailand over the last year have stunned Asia and the rest of the world. The King, the army, the dictatorship, money politics, and religious conflict….Thai politics is beginning to look like a showcase of problems in politics of Asia, and the recent changes expose it to us in a concentrated form. While little of the complexity is known to Europe, citizens in Thailand have been working tirelessly to strengthen their rights and powers. Various forms of media have become a battlefield between the old power force and the new citizens' movement, from community radio to YouTube. For the first time in Europe, four of the most important independent media in Thailand will talk about the true nature of Thai politics, the latest situation of politics and media, and the forecast of the future.

August 11, Saturday, 13:00-14:00 at documenta halle of documenta 12 (lecture is free)

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