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<nettime-ann> xxxxx workshop_22_xx Berlin: free software video editing and noise_produce summer


xxxxx workshop_22_xx Berlin

A (more-or-less) weekly series of constructivist workshops emphasising
making and connection within the field of the existent.


18th August 2PM: Free software video editing with Cinelerra and Florian
Cramer. Details below

Summer highlights: Collective radio telescope construction, GNU Emacs
(again) and... 

noise_produce summer edition. 5/6/7/8 September (see below)

... or contact if you're interested in leading a related workshop.


18th August 2PM: Free software video editing with Cinelerra and
Florian Cramer

Cinelerra, free/open source video editing heavyweight:

Cinelerra is _the_ program for semi-professional and professional
video editing and compositing on Linux. Thanks to many years of
development and a substantially improved community version
http://cvs.cinelerra.org, it has matured into a free alternative to
such proprietary heavyweights such as Final Cut, Premiere and Avid
Express. It is also interesting as a free (as in speech and beer)
upgrade to iMovie-style, artistically limited video editing programs.
On top of non-linear, non-destructive, multi-track,
resolution-independent editing of SD and HD formats and keyframed
parameters and effects, it integrates a compositing engine with
virtual "cameras" and "projectors" and can use spare additional
computers as a "render farm". Seamlessly integrating
multitrack-layering and compositing into its editor, Cinelerra lends
itself particularly to artistic/experimental video work.

Caveats: Cinelerra is overkill for simple trimming/adjustment of video
files or camera recordings. (avidemux, Kino, and kdenlive are more
suitable free software solutions for this task and will be briefly
covered in the workshop.) It is also a bottomless pit of resource
hungriness. Your PC or laptop should have at least 1 GB RAM, a Pentium
M/Centrino with at least 1.5 GHz, Athlon 64 or PowerPC G5  with at least
2 GHz, Pentium 4 with at least 3 GHz; Core Duo or Athlon 64 X2 CPUs are

The workshop is open to people who are curious about Cinelerra and just
want to listen. Active participants however are expected to be
Linux-savvy and have a CPU-optimized version of Cinelerra-CV up and
running on their computer. (For Debian, the packages from
http://www.kiberpipa.org/~minmax/cinelerra/ are recommended,
http://www.kiberpipa.org/~minmax/cinelerra/builds/pentiumm/ for PCs with
Intel Centrino and Core Duo; in Gentoo, run "emerge cinelerra-cvs"; for
other distributions see http://cvs.cinelerra.org/getting_cinelerra.php.)

In order not to get delayed and sidetracked, there will be no
installation support in the workshop.

Further reading:

http://en.wikipedia.org/cinelerra [overview], 

http://cvs.cinelerra.org/docs.php [Cinelerra manual],

http://osvideo.constantvzw.org/ [Open Source video project of the
Brussels-based artist project Constant, with various resources on

Course fee: 10 euros

Please RSVP m@1010.co.uk to reserve places as soon as possible


noise_produce summer edition. 5/6/7/8 September:

Four days of advanced construction of noise (any) electronic apparatus
using all manner of techniques (including free software PCB schematic
design and etching, AVR/ATmega microcontrollers). Audio project work
or computer interface appreciated. Full technical support, potential
circuits, advice and parts provided. Food will be interwoven across
several chilli-oriented dishes.

It is also planned that participants will perform on the final evening
of the workshop.

Please register with projects and all technical requirements
now. m@1010.co.uk

Course fee: tbc.



A weekly series of constructivist workshops emphasising making and
connection within the field of the existent.

Workshops led by field-expert practitioners extend over realms of code
and embedded code, environmental code, noise, transmission and
reception, and electromysticism. Workshops solely utilise free
software and GNU toolbase.

Practitioners include Julian Oliver (http://selectparks.net/), Derek
Holzer (http://soundtransit.nl), Jeff Mann (http://jeffmann.com),
Martin Howse (http://1010.co.uk), Fredrik Olofsson
(http://www.fredrikolofsson.com/), superfactory
(http://superfactory.biz), Florian Cramer
(http://cramer.plaintext.cc:70/), Brendan Howell

Please RSVP m@1010.co.uk to reserve any places or register
interest. Please forward.

xxxxx, pickledfeet, Linienstrasse 54, Berlin 10119

U2, Rosa-Luxemburg-Pl.
U8, Rosenthaler Pl.

Telephone: 3050187482. 



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