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<nettime-ann> gray) (area ::: r a d i o q u a l i a: Radio-astronomy and Gem Sqash: Polar Islands

gray) (area

space of contemporary and media art . Korcula . Croatia

r a d i o q u a l i a (Adam Hyde i Honor Hager, Novi Zeland): Radio Astronomy
zvuÄna instalacija, radio program, internet prijenos zvuka

14. â 21. 8. 2007.

. opening . Tuesday 14. 8. 22 - 24 h
radio broadcast: 14th August . 11 - 11. 30 h Radio KorÄula FM 107.5, live audio stream http://www.radio-korcula.hr

r a d i o q u a l i a from New Zealand (Adam Hyde and Honor Hager) presents the sound installation Radio Astronomy for one week under the stars in front of the gallery space gray) (area.

This project links radio as broadcast medium for sound with radio astronomy. The signals being received by radio telescopes in Hawaii, Latvia, and other locations throughout the world are converted to sound in real time and transmitted on line and on the airwaves, thereby casting into high relief the nature of the cosmos as a dynamic information site in which the planets and stars are ceaselessly generating sound.

more info: http://www.radio-astronomy.net.

Open daily until 21 August 22 - 23 h.


Gem Sqash (Adam Hyde and Ntsikelelo Ntshingila): Polar Islands
live sound performance

13 . 8 . 23 h . Festival Istruga, KorÄula
15 . 8 . 22h . Ghetto Gallery Splitu u 22h



r a d i o q u a l i a: http://www.radioqualia.net
Radioastronomy: http://www.radio-astronomy.net
Radio KorÄula: http://www.radio-korcula.hr
FeÅtivala Istruga: http://www.festivala-istruga.com

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