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<nettime-ann> CFP: Nebula: Generalist/All Topics (06/10/07; online publication)

Nebula 4.1 is now online with unlimited access at For your convenience the current issue?s table of contents is set out below. The CFP follows the contents list.
Maria Beville. "The Gothic-postmodernist ?Waste Land? of Ellowen Deeowen: Salman
Rushdie?s Nightmarish Visions of a Postmodern Metropolis."

Tara Brabazon. "Mobile Learning: the iPodification of Universities." 19-30

Chung Chin-Yi. "Hyperreality, the Question of Agency, and the Phenomenon of Reality Television." 31-48

Danny Dawson ."The Witch: Subversive, Heretic or Scapegoat?" 49-70

Owen Elmore. "Apophasis, Aletheia: William Faulkner?s The Hamlet." 71-83

Matt Ferrence. "Home Sweet Roadhouse." 84-89

Karen Heise. "The Rhetoric of Love." 90-106

Robert Hull.  "Nietzsche?s Jesus." 107-115

Christopher Kelen. "Lao Tzu at the Border." 116-129
Christopher Kelen. "Playing with the Dao De Jing: Poems and Pictures." 130-142

Anton Karl Kozlovic. "Christian Communication in Popular Cinema: Cross Imagery, Cruciform Poses and Pieta Stances." 143-165

Hatim Mahamid. "Franks' Effect on Islamic Spirit, Religious and Cultural Characters in Medieval Syria." 166-183

Olukoya Ogen. "The Agricultural Sector and Nigeria?s Development: Comparative Perspectives from the Brazilian Agro-Industrial Economy, 1960-1995." 184-194

Federico Sabatini. "A Long Term Voyage." 195-197

Jordan Sanderson. "As If: The Construction of a Practical Fiction in D. H. Lawrence?s The Rainbow." 198-217

Rotimi Taiwo. "Language, Ideology and Power Relations in Nigerian Newspaper Headlines." 218-245

Stephen Gennaro. "Sex and the City: Perpetual Adolescence Gendered Feminine?" 246-275
We are now accepting submissions for Nebula 4.2. Please visit our website to learn more information about the journal, our submission guidelines and policies (
Nebula is an online, peer-reviewed, academic periodical which is interested in all things intellectual with the intention of providing a platform for interdisciplinary reading.  Unlike other academic periodicals, Nebula is not limited to one Faculty or subject.  We accept academic articles from any discipline provided that these are written in non-specialist language and in a manner that appeals to a broad audience.  Nebula also publishes intellectual writings that may not necessarily meet the generic conventions of an academic article.  In addition, we encourage academics and intellectuals to participate in a public debate as regards world politics.  We particularly welcome submissions of a marginal or ?against the grain? nature and those that heavily interrogate popular political ideologies in a sound and well-evidenced manner.  Writings of high calibre that are particularly underrepresented in other academic periodicals are most welcome for consideration.  Nebula also publishes literary and art works and is willing to consider any (graphic, cartoon etc.) material, which can be published on the world wide web.  Submissions intended for Nebula are not limited by a particular house style; we simply ask that whichever referencing style is being used, that it is used consistently and thoroughly throughout each piece.
Submissions for Nebula 4.2 are due June 10, 2007.
Email articles in .doc or equivalent to or, please also include a brief biographical note and a brief CV

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