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<nettime-ann> I-MEDIA 2007: Extended Submission Deadline (16 April)


Extended Submission Deadline: April 16, 2007

5-7 September 2007; Graz, Austria

Media technologies are currently facing challenges and opportunities
arising from a number of trends: Under the Web 2.0 umbrella, social
aspects of software are gaining importance, and a new focus on simplicity
in user interface design is taking hold. New display devices (e.g.
e-paper) and client software (e.g. geo-browsers) revolutionize the
production and consumption of media products. At the same time, semantic
technologies are maturing to the point of broad adoption.

Acknowledging these fundamental changes, I-MEDIA will bring together
researchers, technology start-ups and established media companies in a
multi-disciplinary setting to discuss and shape the future of media

Kind regards,

Frank Kappe, Arno Scharl, Klaus Tochtermann, Werner Haas
I-MEDIA Conference Chairs (

Please accept our apologies should you receive
multiple copies of this call from different lists.

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