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<nettime-ann> Creativity Courses in Europe: Summer 06

Creativity Courses in Europe: Summer 06


My name is Vivian Glusman, and I am the administrative associate of the
Creativity Workshop. I wanted to let you know about our  summer
workshops in Europe (Crete, Provence, Florence, Barcelona, Prague, Dublin
and Bruges) and our New York workshops in the spring and fall.

Founded in 1993, the Creativity Workshop is dedicated to teaching people
about their creativity and how to use it in all aspects of life, work,
and creative _expression_. The Creativity Workshop helps people believe in
and develop their imagination through using a unique series of exercises
in memoir, creative writing, visual arts, sense perception,
brainstorming, and storytelling. In a non-competitive, nurturing
atmosphere, our workshops help participants develop creative skills,
expanded sense perception, innovative problem solving, inspired
brainstorming, and new ways of looking at life as exciting and
transformative. The price of the New York workshop is $750, tuition
only. Our European workshop prices start at $1,650, including tuition
and 9 nights accommodations. The only requirements for the Creativity
Workshop are curiosity about the creative process and a sense of

In case you wish to register for our workshops in Europe, you should do
so soon. Also, remember that we have special prices for people sharing a
double room and for groups of 2 or more registering together. For more
information please go to:

See below our calendar for the New York and Europe workshops:

Crete: June 19 - 28
Provence: June 29 - July 8
Florence: July 9 - 18
Barcelona: July 19 - 28
Prague: July 28 - August 6
Dublin: August 6 - 15
Bruges: August 15 - 24
>From $1,650 including tuition and 9 night accommodations.

December 8 - 11
Tuition: $750

You can read more about the workshop below or go directly to our
extensive informational site:


Vivian Glusman
Administrative Associate
1-866-217-1980 (Toll-Free)

What people say about the Creativity Workshop:

"The new millennium needs bold, creative men and women who can turn their
dreams into reality... Shelley Berc and Alejandro Fogel show how you can
do this through their challenging and inspiring creativity
workshops...even a simple first contact will prove what these two
talented teachers can do for your own gifts."
Dr. Kirpal Singh, Writer, Professor
Singapore Management University.

"I have attended at least 10 creative seminars and this creativity
workshop is far above the others in its inspiration, positive spirit and
techniques for nurturing creativity. The Creativity Workshop changed me
forever and moved me forward in managing my creative companies, but more
importantly in my personal determination, commitment and creativity in
my own projects. This workshop is important for anyone who wants to
better understand, develop and celebrate their creativity in their
personal or business life."
Barbara Roberts, President and CEO
Acoustiguides, New York City

More comments from former workshop participants at:

Founded and directed by Shelley Berc and Alejandro Fogel in 1993, the
Creativity Workshop has been taught by them at educational, corporate,
cultural and governmental institutions throughout the world.

Corporate and Business
Johnson&Johnson " JPMorgan " Chase Bank " Bayer - Oracle - Procter &
Gamble - Sloan Kettering Hospital - Sprint PCS - The Walt Disney Company
- The Connection for Women and Families - The Nature Conservancy For
more companies go to:

Education and Arts Institutions
Atlanta International School - Atlanta Symphony Orchestra - Australian
National Playwright Conference - Baruch College - Bennington College -
Canadian Academy - Indiana University - International School of Bangkok
- International School of Beijing - Princeton Country Day School For
more institutions go to: #education

US State Department Cultural Ambassadors Program.

All the Creativity Workshops are taught by its founders and directors,
Shelley Berc and Alejandro Fogel. For more information on their
backgrounds please go to:

To cancel these communications, please send an email to:
with "Cancel" in the subject.

Please mail all inquiries to:
Vivian Glusman
Administrative Associate
245 E 40th St. 25th Floor
New York, NY 10016
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