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<nettime-ann> Digital Fringe Festival call for entries


Digital Fringe is seeking submissions of digital visual material to be a part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival:
September 27 to October 15. for more info

Digital Fringe connects to Melbourne via numerous screens throughout the city. These range from the grand screen at Federation Square to screens hidden in venues and retail outlets, from screens in public spaces, taxis and mobile 3G handsets to bedrooms at home and projections on buildings.

Digital Fringe artworks will be streamed live to all participating screens and made available for live streaming over the Internet from the Digital Fringe website.

Anyone is eligible to enter and entry is free. You can submit as many works for screening as you wish. Works can include digital formats including video, animations and still image sequences either graphic or photographic - to be broadcast to the Digital Fringe screens and around the world on the Internet.

We are calling for:

  • Digital art works to display on all screens. These can be stills, animations, video art, short film, abstract pieces, whatever! They will be played without sound. This material will make up part of the general stream which will play on all screens throughout the festival.
  • Proposals for interactive art pieces that will play at Federation Square. The Federation Square interact project is an opportunity to combine phone images, video and texting into an interactive public art piece. Works may involve people sms and mmsing content onto the screens to be incorporated into, or to shape or influence the artwork in some way. We are interested in works that provide innovative ways of getting mobile phones and public screens working together.
  • Guest programmers to curate and operate the MPU (mobile projection unit). .
  • There are also a number of curatorial, technical and administrative roles where we need people to generally help with the running of the festival.
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