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<nettime-ann> [list] Democracy & Independence: Sharing News & Politics in a Connected World - Conference


Democracy & Independence:
Sharing News & Politics in a Connected World

If you plan to register, the special up to 34% DoWire discount expires
May 26.  Register now following the "important" instructions at the top

Also, if you'd like to connect with other citizen media experts and
practitioners, sign up to be a charter member of this proposed online
community of practice on my DoWire Groups site:

Finally, if you are undecided about the conference, check out the
list of attendees so far:


   1. Richard M Anderson,
   2. Frank Baker, Media Literacy Clearinghouse
   3. Paul Bass, New Haven Independent
   4. Marty Baron, The Boston Globe
   5. Ken Bazinet, New York Daily News
   6. Peter Bhatia, Portland Oregonian
   7. Larry Bloch, Radio Free Brattleboro
   8. Steve Brant, Trimtab Management Systems [1] (Huffington Post
   9. Scott Brodeur, Advance Internet
  10. John Burke, World Assn. of Newspapers Editor's Weblog
  11. David Carlson, Society of Professional Journalists
  12. Don Chan, DeAnza College
  13. Steven Clift, Democracies Online Newswire and E-Democracy.Org
  14. Kristin Collins, Island Institute (Maine)
  15. Mark Cooper, Consumer Federation of America
  16. Vin Crosbie, Digital Deliverance and Corante's Rebuilding Media
  17. Rafael DeGennaro,
  18. Bill Densmore, Media Giraffe Project
  19. Jon Donley, NOLA.COM / Times-Picayune
  20. Rick Edmonds, The Poynter Institute
  21. Amy Eisman, American University School of Communications
  22. Fabrice Florin, NewsTrust
  23. Ed Fouhy, Pew Center on the States
  24. Jeffrey Fox,
  25. Steve Fox,
  26. Steve Garfield,
  27. Paul Grabowicz, UC-Berkeley Journalism School
  28. Stephen Gray, Newspaper Next at the American Press Institute
  29. Tish Grier, Corante Media Hub
  30. Chris Grotke,
  31. Donna Halper, Donna Halper & Associates
  32. Teresa Hanafin, Globe
  33. Richard Howe,
  34. Ellen Hume, U of Mass. Media/Democracy Center/Ethnic Media Project
  35. Aldon Hynes (BLOG), Center for Online Investigative Journalism
  36. Bill Israel, Univ. of Massachusetts Amherst
  37. Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash.COM
  38. Gary Kebbel, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
  39. Jiah Kim, Free Speech TV
  40. Jemima Kiss, independent blogger-writer, U.K.
  41. Staci Kramer, PaidContent.ORG
  42. Peter Krasilovsky, Krasilovsky Consulting
  43. Melissa Krodman, Project Think Different, Boston
  44. Lise LePage,
  45. Charles Lewis, founder, Center f
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