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"Hackmeeting and Hacklabs: technopolitics and reality hacking in south-european autonomous networks"

Presenter: Xabier Barandiaran - Series Talk #2
Monday June 12, 7-9pm
Polvo - 1458 W. 18th St. 1R | Chicago IL |
Co-Sponsored by AREA Chicago Art/Education/Activism and criticalartware |

Details Below:
Title and Abstract of the talk
Short Bio of Xabier Barandiaran
Title and Abstract of the talk:
"Hackmeeting and Hacklabs: technopolitics and reality hacking in south-european autonomous networks"

For the last 6 years a number of autonomous collectives called HackLabs (hacker or hacktivist laboratories) have been created at different squat social centers and other self-managed spaces around europe. The network of hacklabs has now more than 40 nodes (most of them located in Spain and Italy) dedicated to build-up community based free-software and open access spaces for skill sharing and collective intelligence, technopolitic experimentation and direct action on several digital struggles (cybercontrol, digital rights, intelectual property, etc.). HackLabs were born as a result of Hackmeetings: underground self-organized hacktivist meetings where grassroot activist and geek culture meet to discuss, exchange and coordinate different knowledge, resources and initiatives around technologies and politics. The talk will focus on a set of trajectories within the hacklabs and hackmeeting networks: the experience of Metabolik (one of the first hacklabs in europe), the distributed and self-managed organization of spanish and european hackmeetings and the recent direct action campaing against intellectual property (CompartirEsBueno.Net). Emphasys will be made on philosophical background, discussion on technopolitical tactics and opportunities for coordination.

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Short Bio

Xabier Barandiaran is a PhD student and researcher on Cybernetics, Neurophilosophy and Artificial Life at the University of the Basque Country (Europe), member of the autonomous server SinDominio.Net, the hacktivist laboratory Metabolik BioHacklab (located at the social squat center Undondo Gaztetxea), the spanish and european HackLabs.Org network and the recent copyleft activist campaing "CompartirEsBueno.Net" (SharingIsGood: a spanish network of hacktivists and media-activists against intelectual property regimes and the media-culture industry). He has also been involved on other grassroots movement such as alternative education, social desobedience, anti-war movements and squatting. Xabier has also co- organized and activelly participated on a number of HackMeetings (self-managed technopolitical meetings that take place in squatted social centers in europe), Copyleft Conferences and other parallel events, workshops and seminars. His work has been devoted to development and promotion of free-software tools for social movements, direct action and coordination of autonomous technopolitical networks as research on free technologies & culture, community based digital self-management and hacktivism.


AREA's ongoing and irregular "Infrastructure" series, which will continue with meetings, screenings, shows, dinners, writings, readings over the next year. "Infrastructure" seeks to find concrete methods (developing spaces, producing magazines, journals, websites, events, attachment to funds, etc.) that can encourage the production and distribution of resistant forms of meaning.

As we engage in the project of broadly imagining alternative forms of social organization that would be more free, more fun, more pleasurable, more effective, more radical, and more ethical - the central questions come down to the "Infrastructure" As we try to build support networks, cooperatives, mutual aid relationships and institutions to imagine an existance beyond the rent gap, beyond the non-profit (NGO) industrial-complex and beyond the academy - we must imagine another Infrastructure!

ABOUT criticalartware:

criticalartware is an [application/platform/concern] compiled at the turn of the twenty first century to address hyperthreaded hystories of new media, [software-as-art/art-as-software] and [connections/ ruptures/dislocations] between early moments of {conceptual|code}- based art forms such as artware and Video Art. By drawing [parallels/ paths] between the [concepts/discourses] of these early moments, criticalartware hopes to critically question and [re]connect the current context to its rightful unruley past: a multitude of [personal/subjective] hyperthreaded [her/hi/hy]stories.
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