The Bag  Villem Flusser 27
Search Engines Hartmut Winkler 29
A Means of Mutation Matthew Fuller 37
The Language of New Media Lev Manovich 46
Phenomenology of Linux Alan Sondheim 49
Fabricated Subjects Phoebe Sengers 52
On the Implementation of Knowledge Friedrich Kittler 60
Computer Game DIY culture  Jörg Koch 69
Links and Synchronisms on the Flesh Frontier Critical Art Ensemble 71
Confessions of a back-seat driver Pauline van Mourik Broekman 75

The Selfishness Gene Mark Dery 85
Markets, Antimarkets, and the Internet Manuel De Landa 87
Cyberlords  Roberto Verzola 91
Private and Public Cyberspace Saskia Sassen 97
Global Financial Markets Felix Stalder 104
Albania Pyramid Schemes 1996-98 Genc Greva 111
Cooking-pot Market Rishab Aiyer Ghosh 114
The Need to Give  Ed Phillips 123
Backspace Interview Matthew Fuller, James Stevens 129
The High-Tech Gift Economy Richard Barbrook 132
Ada'web thread Edited by Felix Stalder 139
My Experience with Electric Minds Howard Rheingold 147

New Forms of Production Maurizio Lazzarato 159
High Tech Unions Rebecca Eisenberg 167
This is London Simon Pope 169
Going At Different Speeds Andrew Ross 170
Corporate Cool Robin Banks 177
Back to the Future Antonio Negri 181
Angela Melitopoulis, Nils Roeller Interview with Antonio Negri 187
Insider Report from UUNet Little Red Henski 189
Home at Work / Work at Home Faith Wilding 191
Global \: Dist Life Kit Blake 197
I was a paranoid corporate artist Josephine Starrs 199
The networking of intellect Raf “valvola” Scelsi 201

Interview with Knowbotic Reseach Urban Agency  213
Interview with Maria Fernandez Critical Art Ensemble 220
Paul Garrin interview remix Geert Lovink, Pit Schultz 224
Art On the internet: interviews with
robert adrian x, heath bunting, vuk cosic, jordan crandall, matthew fuller, paul garrin, guillermo gomez-pena, heiko idensen, jodi, olia lialina, mark napier, padeluun, marko  peljhan, julianne pierce, alexei shulgin, debra solomon, wolfgang staehle, stelarc, walter van der cruijsen, victoria vesna and eva wohlgemuth
Edited by Tilman Baumgärtel 229
Interview with Conny Sollfrank  Tilla Telemann 241
Interviews with Brain Springer Janos Sugar, Geert Lovink, Critical art ensemble 246
Why the art world loves digital art Matthew Fuller 253
New Media, Old Technology Richard Wright 256
Heath Bunting, Tired or Wired? Anonymous, Tim Druckrey 260
Fast cheap and out of control Tim Druckrey 262
Cheap Art Olia Lialina 266
Flight Capital Gashgirl  269
Ass in Gear Jordan Crandall 271

The Brent Spar Syndrome Eveline Lubbers 281
Songs From The Wood Luther Blissett 285
Recycling Electronic Modernity Ravi Sundaram 289
Long time no hear Ivo Skoric 293
Contestational Robotics Critical Art Ensemble, Richard Pell 295
The Last Days of Marginality Gomma 301
Against Network Domination In Japan Toshimaru Ogura 303
Interview with Mongrel Geert Lovink 306
What About Communication Guerilla? Autonome A.F.R.I.K.A. Gruppe 310
Mongolia Online Drazen Pantic 314
Technocratic Dreamtime in Malaysia John Hutnyk 315
City of Dogs Igor Markovic 322
Buy One Get One Shu Lea Cheang, Laurence Chua 325
Radical Media Pragmatism Geert Lovink 329
Other Eurocentrisms Linda Wallace 333

Avoiding heat death on the Internet Phil Agre 343
Xchange irc chat Compilation by Rasa Smite 343
Rewired Compilation by David Hudson 350
Rhizome Alex Galloway, Rachel Greene, Mark Tribe 353
Syndicate Compilation by Eric Kluitenberg 354
Recode Compilation by Julianne Pearce 365
Eyebeam - blast Jordan Crandall 372
Het Stuk Pauline van Mourik Broekman, Josephine Bosma 373 Compilation by Jodi 376

Accoustic cyberspace Erik Davis 387
Calling Radio Nettime Josephine Bosma 391
Flexible bodies on frequency Honor Harger/Zina Kaye 395
Postmedia operators Howard Slater 398
The brasses enter the music Gilles Deleuze 399
12'' as Medium Mercedes Bunz 400

Abstract on ethics  Michel Serres 407
Ars Obliviscendi Tjebbe van Tijen 409
Interactivity as War Calin Dan 416
DNS: A short history and a short future Ted Byfield 419
Precious Metals as Network Protocol Julian Dibbell 426
Pirates Now and Then Toshiya Ueno 428
Old and New David Garcia 434
On Transnational Civil Societies Brian Holmes 439

Leave your message after the beep Marc Holtholf  455
Southern Oscillation Index McKenzie Wark 462
Notes on Cyberfeminism Faith Wilding, Critical Art Ensemble 471
Greetings from Doctress Neutopia Oliver Marchart 472
Data Trash revisited Mike Weinstein 478
I'd like to have permission to be post-modern Beth Spencer 481
What is Digital Studies? Alexander Galloway 486
Towards a Data Critique Frank Hartman 490
Ai service Gabor Bora 496

A war in heaven Peter Lamborn Wilson 509
From Fama to Information Society  Florian Cramer 516
The Manifesto of January 3, 2000 Bruce Sterling 518
The Great Time Swindle! El Iblis Shah 524
Ascii Acid Vladimir Muzhesky 526
'Information', 'Subject', and 'Body' Alla Mitrofanova 528
Arts and Apparatus Siegfried Zielinski 532
Interview with Michel Serres Luis Join-Lambert, Pierre Klein 535