Subject: "today"

Date: Fri, 31 May 1996 16:20:47 +0900


From: (david d'heilly)

Subject: "today"

David d'Heilly

Today, again, I awoke to the feeling that I had overslept.

Today I had a great salad with coffee for breakfast. It was fantastic. I also tried making a miso-shiru with genmai in it. It needed "something" but was filling.

Today I sorted through a lot of old files from projects, trying to make room in my room for more equipment. Saw a lot of things from things, realized and unrealized that I had completely forgotten about.

Today it's hot out (the-air-is-sweating-on-me Tokyo hot) and they are repainting the building, so the windows are taped shut. The air (lung) conditioner has me just about embalmed.

Today I'm listening to Ween, Violent Onsen Geisha, DJ Food, Denki Groove, and Musci/Venosta. So far it's been a great mix. Great sounds. Loud.

Today I'm working against impossible deadlines because today is one more everyday. Almost everything I'm doing today/everyday is work related. I'm doing what I like, and with people I like, but I'm dealing today (everyday) with the fact that my entire society is defined by who I work with. Today I'm bugged once again about how little of my time I have for my friends.

Today it looks beautiful out.

Today is my brother-in-law's birthday. Which reminds me, of course, that grandma's birthday was two weeks ago and I never sent anything.

Yesterday I showed my Chairman Mao Karaoke tape to Miyashita and Suzuki at Tycoon and they really liked it. Today they sent me a fax with a design idea that they made for it. They also said that they're w-a-i-t-i-n-g for the video images for the English version Rem's catalog. St-r-r-e-e-e-s-s-s-s. Today I finally finished "developing" the video images for the catalog, and they look great!! I thought I'd be sitting here working on them while he waited in the entryway (the usual scenario) but the bike courier is late. Miyashita and Suzuki are being cool, but these delays are fucking them up.

Today I've got 32 minutes until I have to have sent the core texts to the Tactical Media book to Kayoko (and I am doing THIS?!?!) for the editors meeting at seven (it's 3:28. Make that 3:29). After that we're going to work on how the lay-out for the latest version of the Asia book. Today, while doing this (and should have been doing that) I got a phone column (no,) call from Ohgaki, my editor at MOAI saying (as ever, so politely) that my "column is really late, and it would really help him if I would please send it." Today I've got to get going on that column. I know Ohgaki's panic level well enough to hope that Monday will still work (I hate this kind of thing). Today I've got to call Gyorgi & Zolt to get some more information because their interviews are good, but won't keep the reader's attention for six pages. I've got to ask them more about the Hungarian Media Wars, and what they've done since the interview. Then today I've really got to write that thing. Poor Ohgaki. Today is going to end at some point in the indeterminate future. That keeps today (everyday) an adventure. You never know until when it will last. Meanwhile my 32 minutes are vanishing.

Today I'd like to take my laptop in to get the trackball repaired, but that's not going to be possible until tomorrow. The screen on my electronic personal organizer also cracked somehow last night. The interface gained a new kind of geometry. Pressing down above the graphic icon is meaningless. You have to find where the visual representations' pressure point went, and then hope that you don't need to cross any of the lines where the glass cracked. Of course, all of the information I need sits quietly, irretrieveably beneath the cracks' convergence. Today (no tomorrow) I need to retrieve the data. No. It's more likely that it will be easier to just get the data anew. Yesterday I should have backed it up.

Today I've got to go pay rent. I also need to send my mom some money. I've got to get to the bank before the post office closes.

Today I gave up trying to go to the conference in Madrid. No time, no money. Shit.

Today I got a sweet fax from a girl who's playing right about now in the hot Bali sun -- having cool drinks in the shade and looking deliciously drinkable herself, no doubt. I can almost feel her here and it makes concentration real difficult.

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