Neuroactive Material: from Noodwarfism to Biotronic Forms

Date: Sat, 1 Jun 1996 13:50:44 +0200 (MET DST)

From: "vladimir muzhesky" <>

Neuroactive Material:

from Noodwarfism to Biotronic Forms

Vladimir Muzhesky

In the way humanity hides its own global representation away from clarity, away from inner reach of its collective memory, away from outer exploration of its science, it reveals a certain syndrome of cosmic mimicry directed against any globality in both mental and spatial contexts. Even stronger the role this mimicry plays in technology, where mentality and spatiality interpenetrate each other to create constructs so vague and obscure that not only rationality, but life itself becomes lost among acquired alien clowns in the transcendental world of a black box intellectual simulation. The twisted production of global economy is as much material as it is mentality; various examples of theories from Marx to Bataille can illustrate that material production was always directly linked to mentality through alienation and morals.

Automatic production is always concerned with autonomous locus of material: the possibility to manipulate information within the modern technology is more fascinating then any ability to fabricate general social ideologies during the cold war. Directed against semiotic synthesis of signs and objects in the clarity of ratio, automatic informational systems become deprived of a reality link. Hence, what we can call autonomous antagonism: noosphere, a new spatial figure with the level of globality that Parminidus did not even dream of. The fusion of generating material production with noogenesis pushed humanity to face its neomorality: recognition of archetypes and archetectonic structures not in the inner body-mind space, but in the alien body of disseminated information.

As a result, the idea of virtual flesh was born: an apparatus which extends reflexes into the electronic world. Certainly, it produced the shock effect on the nervous system, to which it seemed that now it has neurons on both sides. Synergetization of nervous locality became the next slogan after the electrification of communist East and the computerization of capitalist West. Even without political dichotomy ideology always appealed to morals. The way virtual ideology did it was, in fact, more twisted, then the first experiments on brainwashing with electric trousers and hammer messages, which it prolonged into the mental space.

In the body of material, which was formed with minds hooked to simulation machines there were no organs to be formed that could perceive epistemology of signs, clarity of space was substituted with multimeaningful ambiguity of dimensions. The extent of dimensions meant the power of manipulation able (not only in a discursive Marcusian way) to reduce human system to the monotonous line of single dimension, but to convert life processes into geometrical recombinations. What started as brainwashing and continued as biotronics implanted antiepistemology all the way down to the memetic and genetical structures of living systems.

Historically, religion definitely lost in the counteraction with drugs. Datura against inquisition, electronic indoctrination against TV preaching - new flesh was formed, which could avoid any sophistication of torture: virtual armor, something about a new samurai code- embodiment in the invisible structure of transcendental order.

No wonder that psychologists, who used to test LSD on prisoners, first came to the idea of deep representation of experience through subliminal constellations. The framework of psychological warfare became more than productive in the respect of inner hypermythologies of mind: truth drug, mammal to mammal connection, neuroprogramming and other semirational experiments were being realized on both sides of the iron curtain, equally violating the legality of rational constructs and pushing morals out to the new terrain of manipulation. Condensed experience constellations altered by the speed of processing formed new sublime archetypes. Reflection of its effects on spatial perception formed a new geometry of noosphere. The 50th underground science started to experiment with so called psychotronic generators. In the 90th, it finally became possible to calibrate the reactions of human systems within the informational and not semimythological framework.

It turned out, that in case of electronic and other systems with a high extent of sensitivity, initializing centers of metastable microstate splits and where it was noticed to be formed by the bio-electricity of human system. In general, 1/f system will have high sensitivity to external influences, if it includes numerous active elements. In semiconductors, crystal structure defects localized near to the surface can be considered active elements. The reflection of the distant influence of human systems was often detected primarily in semiconductor devices based on polycristalic and complex bipolar transistors (used in noise generators etc). Active (thermodynamically) environments include strange attractors and predator-victim regimes, which lead to the strong fluctuations of the system parameters making a system tune to the rhythms of outer influences, even if they are very weak.

The conjunction of the external informational form and generating material started to matter, the genetics has been suppressed by noetics. Here cyber space reached its neurolimits which resulted in noodwarfism phenomenon: a term "dwarfism" developed in the analysis of the suppression of growth associated with human systems. It was demonstrated that the biochemical index of tissue maturation appears to be decreased during maternal deprivation and that it causes changes of hormones which are correlated with response. Applied to informational systems it refers to the phenomena of conceptual reduction of informational system limited to perceptual recombinations.

Beyond the paradigm of cyborgy (as reinforced, recombined, reflex mythology) there formed a locus of neurospace: a platform of synthesis of weak biological programs and decentralized informational responses of technological systems. It was reflected in a new concept of material, which was not any more restricted to any productive and consequentially reproductive ideology. In fact, it focused mainly on the mental (or it would be more correct to say submental) sphere, which implied the inner intention of mental constructs, towards a certainty of its generating fabric.

We are used to a certain polarity in the analysis of material structure as related or attached to the phenomena it generates. As such, material is reduced to a minima of impulse, in Bruno's sense, and the concept of minima is sublimated from the event which is intended to expand, to reach its maxima. This process evidently refers to psychological sublimation, with the only difference being that Freudian view censors all mentally unregistered (and what is very important for us: under registered) events out the field of activity-representation or as it sometimes is referred to: attention-energy. What is being really sensored is unmarked events, loci without labels of attention even subconsciously twisted, hypothetical, in fact, containing any possible charge of coordinating activity. The space of material, which is left without a mark of attention, thus plays ( from naive Greek cosmology to the limitless discrete precision of modern science) a role of impulse, which quantum physics penetrates with the body of experiments starting with the Bell theorem dispute, while cosmology penetrates it with biological plots of condensed constellations of family dynamics. Thus, the space of unknown becomes inhabited with certain historical transition of the bodies from gaian transcendental biological forms to fragile mental mechanics launched purposelessly, implying the minima of the start in conjunction with the omnimultiplicity of related fields of purposes, cross spatially, implying hybridization of spatial coordination, mutation of fixed set of attention-to-energy genes into attention-in-form gradually vanishing, without autonomous support of representational essence, and arranging depth and unpredictability in the place where emptiness was count zero. Beyond a zero point, any structure is based on the foundation of unknown represented as minimal mental material, and this mental minima as a virus finds itself an environment in technology.

Technology is noogenetically and historically prolonged, in a sense of expanded into its own waste structure used for the dissemination of representation. It deals with the fusion of inner project in technic material body representation and mental comprehensibility: clearly defined terms of spatial rationality. The result is exposure of all possible historical plots to the search ray of experimental thinking: cooping of transcendental vehicles with the material morph, followed by another world of morphemes: not a possible world, but a world of ultra-possibilities, not activity in a sense of physical representation of event, but brain as mentally referred material event, as a generating fabric locked to rationality by the chains of technotronic confusion, multiplied, Deinterlaced, restricted and expended bringing itself not to the adequacy of communication theory but to absolute inadequacy of formation: neuroactivity as desublimated activity of minimally censored material brings us to the tension of brain-to -morph relations.

So we progressed from mentality with its outer-inner agent dichotomy based on the symmetrically standard nation-wide control of reflex to the neuro-electric wave with its basic principle of distant differentiation of transmitting sources. Neurospace reveals itself when we understand that the same neurons that process orientation information are functionally intermixed with 'mental' neurons.

It makes us understand mental space as based on neuro-spatial platform. The same inherent duality of neurospace, which makes it a basis for coherent intelehia systems is responsible for the extension of mental constructs into the electronic space: the same neurons both absorb and radiate while evaluating and transmitting the information.

Finally, the brain to morph interaction as a functional structural link of neurospace is responsible for the formation and manipulation of weak ecolinks: correlation of protein-nuclei form of living substance with its field form (or a set of these forms). Within this set, living cells can 'learn' , collect information and transmit it to different cells. These mechanisms form the basis of transmission from protohomminid to Hommo Sapience and the formation of intellectual functions. This change and analogous biotronic brain-to-morph interface process may have occurred because of the transformation of the biologically linked system into the field type system forming another program of surviving: not biological, but noological based on the informational dissemination. The second program goes all the way down to the cell level of living systems, subjecting them to constant de-morphization connected with their field organization .

As an example of the effects of biotronic phenomena, we can mention the change of living matter concentration (which always was relatively stable on the planet's surface) caused by the informational dissemination through the interaction with neuro-material base of technology. The result is de-morphization of bio-geological locality. Previously referred to as a transmission to 'noosphere' by Vernadsky, this process displays the necessity to construct new loci of archetypical representations, which can form new points of stability for emerging mental and physical textures in this new biotronic hiatus.

References and biographical information: Vladimir Muzhesky is a curator for n_fabrik: subliminal recreation park and the Laboratory of New Technologies in Kiev, Ukraine; he is an artist in residency in Rijksakademie (Amsterdam) and Steim Foundation (Amsterdam). His last article on the related topic (A- Future) was published by The Questions of Philosophy, 1, 1995, Kiev. He is currently working on a compilation for Autonomedia, New York. For more information on theory and n_fabrik in construction, send requests to