Very Cyber, Indeed, an anthology

From: Vuk Cosic <>

Date: Sat, 18 May 1996 00:34:10 CET

Very Cyber, Indeed,

an anthology

Vuk Cosic & Luka Frelih, Ljubljana Digital Media Lab

Think. eep If.the.words.can.fill.their.bed@light.speed We.could.kill.for.the.xs.of.typing@our.own.keyboard

Public Space On The Net

is disappearing-being consumed by the MegaCorporations... they're creating a private, world wide virtual MegaMall, where free speech is their right to censor users. Protect free and public areas on the net! Boycott the giant corporate net providers such as AmericaOnline (AOL), Video OnLine (, Compu$$$erve, Prodigy, eWorld, and the emerging European and American Telcos. Support your independent net provider! Create Web sites and link to others. Take control of the web and create content-worldwide distribution is here. Establish a strong presence and make your voices heard!

>From The Absolute Knowledge (The Book) Towards The Undefined Knowledge (The Net) Within the virtual communities the knowledge is not separated from its interpretation. The knowledge, like the spoken cultures, is a collective good, in which everyone participates. Everyone, the listener or the speaker adds his interpretation to the global village.


-it is necessary to abolish the copyright in the exchange of knowledge on the net to allow its interpretation. -On the Web everyone has to be able to add their own materials and can not be a simple observer of the multiple trajectories of the written cultures written by others. -Everyone has to be able to asume multiple personalities that follow the mutations of this immense "fluctuating interface" which is the domain of the relations on the net. (June 95)

RF III, 23

The Schmitz is a dark old fashioned Cafe next to the Mediapark in Cologne. Tan and Hasche who are sitting there feel themselves inspired to let their ideas float, as well as to digest the glassy fascade of German media politics.

Hasche: Have you heard of the competition that Telekom is launching to support an artistic project? Tan: They're clever. They think about a virtual professorship called "Telekom-Beuys", but what they really expect isn't clear yet. Hasche: Perhaps they want to give the net an artistic touch, that will appeal to gallerists and publishers and shows an ideal combination between electronic and hard media. Tan: I believe that they're thinking about someone like Heath Bunting, but we'll have to talk about this later because I have to go to the bank - my telephone bill still hasn't been paid.

(an extract from) Fireside Stories V.2

A story, A voyage,

The Story's Voyage,

the Image World.

from handmade image

to photographic image to

cinematic image to

electronic, televisual image to

digital image to

virtual image

image of image:

screens within screens,

media about media.

image screen as light source

as architectural device

as primary carrier of


and then, image screen as a new body part

the Cyborg Eye.

Balkan Goes Linear

One of Douglas Copland's microserfs, Karla, has the role model of the female prophet/witch. This is about the maximum intellectual capacity our X-coast generation can reach: "Our species currently has major problems and we're trying to dream our way out of these problems and we're using computers to do it." An analytical return to the Dark Ages, way before enlightment. These are the bitter fruits of the many, many years of confusions. Karla sees her historical task very clearly: "prevent humanity from going nonlinear." So ship your laptops NOW to Belgrade, Pale, Zagreb and Sarajevo and get these non linears out there on the right track again.

Counter-Information on the Net

In aspiring to preserve and expand their position in dominating other human beings, the world lords use horrible systems, as in our country, Italy, where the destruction of the state, murky intrigues, attempts at overthrowing the government, and people bankrupted, who make a fortune from nothing; it happens all the time. These facts are interrelated. Intrigues, you can't make head nor tail of it. If everything that is known about such happenings was recorded in some hyper-textual system and included in a net, everyone of us could find new connections and thus contribute to the exposure of such power systems. Like this a social control of those systems might be implemented. But, for this to be accomplished, everyone has to have unlimited access to - all kinds of information - all communication tools, including telematic nets.

A man-hour for each bit

A typical user, visiting a Web page hosted by a big multinational, at most downloads a few hundred kilobytes. If that company wants to produce this data by Hollywood standards, let's say for a few tens of millions of dollars, we get a hundred million dollars per megabyte, which is roughly a man-hour for each bit. A megabyte of multimedia data costs much less today - anybody could produce it in a week on a home PC. So what are this companies going to pay? Ideas? Cables? Visitors? The Net is obviously a democratic medium - at least until the bandwidth becomes much higher and cheaper.

The Optimist! The Optimist!

If we say that a cybercommunity exists, what will happen when MiloTauevia, Tudjman and Izetbegovia bring their creativity in? After seeing what happened to an analog/real multi-ethnic community in which the people had much more to lose, how sure can we be that today's net.multiculturality will resist? However it might sound - it's only terrestrians getting together that we are talking about, nothing more.

Hacked Heart

He had sad eyes and email. We messaged each other for a month, subtle flirting in a digital world. He keyed in what he could not say. Kisses in real time said the rest. I fell in love, so did he, with words he could not feel. No red ribbons to cut, no paper to burn - just ones and zeros to delete.

The Net - a threat for your pet

Your dog, feeling like a hog,

your snake,

trying to keep

you awake,

your cat, shitting in your hat,

your fish, jumping on your breakfast dish,

your crocodile, starting to feel abandoned after a while, your monkey, he used to be funky,

your T-Rex, he's gone and ex,

your whale, so sad and pale.

So, you cyber freak, don't be such a geek,

Stop surfing the 'Net and hug your pet.

desire 2B wired

What happens when human expands it's sexual organs to the worldwide electronic networks? Extensions of man-power (virtus), energy, force are getting "disembodied" and measurable as "information". It's a mediality that describes Freud+Lacan in a remote analysis of President Daniel Schreber, who has a certain illegal ability of wireless communication with the Lord via his asshole.