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Date: 18 Apr 1996 22:51:00 -0200

From: Aboudi@BIGnet.com.lb

Subject: Down but not out!


Firas is in the states. I will hopefully be in the states around the 1st week of July to join a research program.

This is the situation:

We are ready to evacuate immediately, I think!!! Things here are NOT improving. I do not know how much longer we can communicate - be it thru e-mail or phone. The Israeli's are shelling nothing but civilian targets. They hit not a single Hizbullah target. The sea ports are closed because of Israeli gunboats warding off ships!! They shot three of the power stations, rendering one of them totally nonfunctional. According to the new, one of them has attained damages worth 3 millions USDs.

They are also shooting the telephone switchboards. They have gunned one of the main ones, and off and on they have destroyed major telephone cables around the country. I know that at least 18000 phones are out! Things are really NOT optimistic here. Schools have been shut down for at least one more week. I do not know if my uni will open. Please distribute this message please to as many people as you can; it is important that they see the truth.

Today..... they attacked a UN center. It was a bomb shelter. They massacred every soul in there - mentally and physically. Hundreds of armless, helpless, hungry people were hiding in two tents. The Israeli's attacked the base. People started fleeing into the shelters, but they did not make it on time. The seen was a giagantic shish kabab scene!!!! Bodies were charcoaled.... I actually saw some guts, intestines, and other gross things..... it was an open anatomy class, for heaven's sake.... my girlfriend burst into tears... so did my mom!!! Who is the attacker here? A motherfucker behind a tank or a child who is just looking for food and shelter???? The folks from the south are all packed in schools in Beirut. Things are not sanitary at all. Diseases are beginning to spread! For God's sake who is the aggressor!?!?!? They showed us how the Israelis take a moment of silence for the massacre of the Jews in Germany!!!!!! What is this.... some kind of avenge?!?! We have to pay for it??!? Half a million people were forced out of their homes because their presence would threaten the heavily armed army of Israel..... the tanks are vulnerable to an attack from young children!!! Children are lethal...... we should abolish them....eh?????? Man... the situation is not improving. What is the world after... destroying Lebanon's new infrastructure because it could beat Israel's economy in a few years???? Is it after taking away the Arab's arsenal and money??

If Syria were to move, the American Air Force and the Israeli Air Force would take it as an attack and a breach of peace!!!!!!! They take our land.... and call us aggressors. They say that if we stop attacking them with a few guerilla soldiers, they would leave..... is this preposterous or what??? You occupy my house and I ask to leave, but you refuse to because I am hitting you?!??!? Well..... leave my house and I will not attack you. You just ought to see the brains of 3 day old splattered all over the blanket!!! His head lost its top!!!!

Literally!!!! The 3-day-old had no top to his head.... his brains were over the blanker and on the floor. They wiped out 2 families of 12 people in one building...... their argument.... Hizbullah fired a Katyusha from that area..... bullshit!!!! Since the beginning of the attacks, the Israeli army has hit nothing.... NOTHING... but civilian targets..... An ambulance with 4 children and old folks was hit by a rocket from a plane.... their excuse: The driver was Hizbullah..... now give me a break!!!!!! WE ARE THE KILLERS....WE OWN THE HI-TECH STUFF..... For God's sake, we do not even have an airforce!!!!!!! We have one bloody fucked up jet.... just one!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow morning I am taking my car to all the near grocery stores to buy as much baby milk as the car can carry and distribute it all to the schools that have lactating children or children in need of milk. Our academic year has been disrupted because the southerners have been placed in schools.

If anyone wants the true scenes, please contact me and I will do my best to send a copy.

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