Paola Lucchesi on Fri, 31 Dec 1999 18:31:55 +0100

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Syndicate: 31.12.1999 - 18.17

Cari amici - Dear Friends

Prima di tutto, agli amici italiani, abbiate pazienza se il messaggio qui
sotto e' in inglese (per chi ha magari qualche problema in piu' con la
lingua). Mi sento di mandarvelo lo stesso. Mi e' stato a mia volta inviato
da un'amica oltreoceano, e per noi due ha una serie di significati, ma e'
comunque un augurio per ognuno di voi (io so il perche', anche se voi no,

Buon Passaggio!


And for my other friends, those who do not speak Italian, be patient you
too... I felt like sending a common "greeting card" to everybody, it makes
sense to me. A friend sent me the bit below, and though it might be more
obscure to some of you than it is to me and Joanie, never mind: intention
is what matters.

Happy Transition!


>Dear Friends,
>Here are some thoughts for the new millenium from Flo Aeveia Magdalena's I
>REMEMBER UNION.  Love and Enjoy Yourself in the All WholeHeartedly!!!
>Passages from I Remember Union:
>                                NOW IS THE TIME
>                        Now is the time for the calling to be remembered.
>                         Now is the time for the truth to be remembered.
>                        And in the remembering is the vision accomplished.
>                           The form and the source are then one again.
>                                  And the journey is finished.
>                             The vision and the form and the people
>                                     and god are again one.
>                                        Now is the time.
>                                       REMEMBER
>                                  Remember you have free will.
>                         Remember you are light and so you shall remain.
>                              Remember there is no right or wrong,
>                                       only divine truth.
>                           Remember that if you ask, you shall receive.
>                                          Remember.
>                         ALL WOULD BE ONE AGAIN
>                      God planted within the souls of men and women a seed,
>                            which housed the memory of their divinity
>                                  and of their birth into form.
>                            And within the seed is the image of God,
>                            and man and woman, and all manner of life
>                                  belonging to the same family,
>                                      and to the same soul,
>                                and to the same way of the word.
>                            And there was instilled a memory of a time
>                                       when all were one
>                                and when all would be one again.
>                     AND THE PEOPLE JOINED HANDS
>                           And the people joined hands across the seas,
>                             their minds linked in one consciousness.
>                                  And there was no separation.
>                               All children belonged to all people.
>                                  All marriages created union.
>                    The death of competition became the birth of acceptance.
>                               The greed was replaced with giving,
>                             and the fear replaced with the memory
>                           of all kingdoms dancing together in harmony.
>                                WE ARE THE LIGHT
>                             Jesus, speaking to the multitude:
>                                   We are born of the light!
>                                      We carry the light!
>                                       We are the light!
>                                     The light is within us!
>                               Let your light so shine before men
>                              that the people may know of the truth
>                                       because you are!
>                                Blessed are you that shine light
>                                 on the darkness of the world,
>                             for you will find the kingdom of heaven.
>                              WITHOUT QUESTION
>                          Magdalena's words to a newborn child:
>                              The bond that we have is through love;
>                              What I teach you I teach from love;
>                                   what is not of your truth,
>                                I give you permission to release.
>                           I acknowledge your divinity and your spirit.
>                              You have arrived on the planet Earth,
>                                and you are a part of our family.
>                           Know that you are creative and can achieve
>                             and accomplish anything that you desire
>                        and that there are no conditions on my love for you.
>                             I will love you, always, without question.

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