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Syndicate: HAPPY NEW YEAR !

	Dear Syndicalists,

	"Artistas Independientes" and the "CAE (Centro de Arte Experimental)" want
to wish you all the best for the new year.
We hope all the projects you have will come true.

For the next year we have some propossals that are in the way of being
discussed with ecuadorian and international artists. Some performance
projects will be done until january 2001.

	It has been very good for us being part of this list, we have had the
chance to learn something about people and cultures that before we had not
any idea. However, we can see that the contact between you and us has being
far away from a close dialogue about the realtionship between the different
social, cultural, and politic camps.
We have tried to let you know something about what is going on here, in
Ecuador and Latinamerica, but we have had no responde coming from any of you.
We understand this behaviour, because we know we have big different ways to
understand the world reality, and in this context, the possibility to
develop Culture and Education.

We hope the next time we will be able to make a closer contact with you.

For know we would like to leave this list, wishing you again, ALL THE BEST

Best regards,

Damian Toro


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