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Syndicate: Press releas

>Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 14:43:47 -0800
>From: Leonardo <>
>Subject: Press release
>>PRESS RELEASE, December 20, 1999
>>Leonardo Art/Science Network under Legal Attack 
>>for Use of the Word "Leonardo"
>>For further information,
>>contact: Roger Malina:
>>Roger Malina, Chairman of Leonardo/ISAST, San 
>>Francisco, announced Monday that the 
>>Association Leonardo in France was being sued 
>>for trademark infringement on use of the word 
>>Leonardo/ISAST and Association Leonardo are 
>>non-profit scholarly arts organizations working 
>>on behalf of a world-wide community of artists, 
>>scientists and scholars. Since 1968 this 
>>network has produced the scholarly journal 
>>Leonardo, now published by the MIT Press of 
>>Cambridge, Massachusetts.
>>Leonardo/ISAST and Association Leonardo also 
>>award prizes and awards, co-organize 
>>conferences and events, and publish Leonardo 
>>Music Journal, numerous Leonardo web sites and 
>>the Leonardo Book Series through MIT Press. 
>>The legal suit against Association Leonardo has 
>>been filed in Nanterre, France, by Transasia 
>>Corporation and co-complainants. Transasia 
>>claims to have recently trademarked in France 
>>the names Leonardo, Leonardo Finance, Leonardo 
>>Partners, Leonardo Invest and Leonardo Experts.
>>Transasia is claiming over a million dollars in 
>>damages based on their claim that a search 
>>engine request using the word "Leonardo" brings 
>>up not only their web sites but also those of 
>>the Leonardo arts organization.
>>The suit asks that the Association Leonardo be 
>>forbidden from using the word "Leonardo" in its 
>>web site projects or any other products or 
>>Following issuance of the suit, Transasia asked 
>>that a search warrant be served on the legal 
>>address of the Association Leonardo, now the 
>>home of the widow of Frank Malina - the founder 
>>in the 1960s of the Leonardo Journal. The 
>>search warrant was served with no prior warning 
>>by a squad of eight policemen.
>>Leonardo/ISAST and the Association deplore this 
>>attempt to destroy the activities of a 30-year-
>>old network of artists and scientists that has 
>>championed the work of artists using new media 
>>and the sciences. 
>>A Leonardo Legal Defense Fund has been 
>>established: donations may be sent to Leonardo, 
>>c/o ISAST, 425 Market St., 2nd Floor, San 
>>Francisco, CA 94105, USA.
>>Further information on the Leonardo network and 
>>its activities can be found on the Leonardo 
>>family of art web sites:
>>Leonardo On-Line:  
>>Observatoire Leonardo:  
>>Leonardo Electronic Almanac: 
>>(logon: lea; password: animich)
>>                ###
>Editorial Department
>425 Market St. 2nd Floor
>San Francisco CA 94105
>(415) 405 3335
>Fax: (415) 405 7758

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