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Syndicate: call for writers and contributors


your address somehow ended up in my address book, either through
personal contact or by recommendation of friends and colleagues. I am
writing to you for assistance in making the Umelec/Artist magazine next

Umelec, bi-monthly on contemporary art published in Prague, Czech
Republic, is expanding next year and going bi-lingual, Czech/English. We
are looking for writers and contributors from Central and Eastern Europe
to cover exhibitions, profile artists and publish their essays on art
and issues related. We are also looking for contacts in Central and
Eastern Europe for distribution of the magazine in galleries and in
symposiums, etc. The magazine will be also present at the Art Basel

The magazine's content will include:
- artist's project: we provide two pages in each issue for artists to
experiment with the medium of a magazine, we welcome suggestions which
artists to approach
- news: short announcements and reports on exhibitions, events,
symposiums, lectures taking place in the region
- interview: a chat with the movers and shakers in arts in Central and
Eastern Europe, be it artists, curators, dealers, government officials,
art institution managers; interview focuses on cultural policy and
situation in the local art scenes, markets (as opposed to profile below)
- profile: presenting an interesting artist from the region and his/her
work, ideas, concepts
- new faces: brief introduction of the youngest generation of artists in
Central and Eastern Europe and their work
- topic: each issue will present art in relation to other branches of
society (art and architecture, art and fashion, art and music, art from
the perspective of mathematics, art and advertising, etc.) or
interesting cultural phenomena and developments in the region
- media: articles on painting, photography, internet, video, film,
installation, graffitti, computer games, performance, etc.
- theory: essays
- reviews: short pieces on particular shows in the region over the past
two months

Feel free to suggest any topics or contributors. Articles should
preferrably be in English. Let's rock this part of the world!

I hope you will be able to help and I am ready to provide further
details on the magazine, the people around it, etc. Looking forward to
hearing from you.

Have great holidays!

Best regards,
Vladan Sir.

Vladan Sir  

casopis Umelec/Artist magazine
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