Jean-Philippe HALGAND on Fri, 17 Dec 1999 12:21:09 +0100

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Syndicate: [MilleniumFlower Day3 ] copyright LE GNou !

"Save the GNou The Copyright The Copyleft World Campaign"

It's a secret for no one, the Open de Source is drying up.

Today, GNou is in process of extinction. It is however not fault of having 
created that and there of the reserves to protect the species.
But each day sees coming up of new threats: attempts at expropriation, of 
political and commercial recovery, the list is long.
Therefore pavu has decided to offer to GNou a natural reserve worthy of 
this name by investing the funds necessary to an action of scale and invite 
to an open debate Friday december 17th today on International Relay Chat.

debate on IRC : december 17th 1999
at 4h00 pm GMT+1 (Paris France)
to join the chat #pavu with client IRC :
server :
channel : #pavu
server :
channel : #pavu
or use one of the 2 JAVA services  in the menu bar upper.

Copyright LE Gnou!!
- a day without GNou is a day without dreams -

[MilleniumFlower  : 5 days of plining at] dec 15th to dec 19th 
1999 Five days of plining at ! The launch of LE MilleniumFlower !
Read the daily programm at
-/ welcome to a plining world ! /-

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