Andreas Broeckmann on Fri, 17 Dec 1999 10:41:23 +0200

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Syndicate: help needed for documentation Syndicate meeting at Oreste/Venice Biennal

dear syndicalists,

we received the message below from emilio who co-organised the Oreste
project in venice where we held the Syndicate meeting on 10 june. they are
putting together a documentation and are requesting from us whether we can
design 2 pages for the publication.

-> does anybody have *photographs* from the meeting in venice, or other
visual memorabilia?
-> can somebody who was at the meeting contribute a short impressionistic
*text* (we seem to have no report in the archive)?
-> is somebody interested in *designing* the Syndicate pages for the Oreste
documentation (as described below)?

please, get in touch. i have no photos and cannot do the design.


From: "emilio fantin" <>
To: "andreas broeckmann" <>
Subject: Oreste at the Venice Biennal (emilio fantin)
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 17:42:29 +0100

Oreste at the Venice Biennale

Dear Andreas (and syndacate) curator/organiser of the meeting "syndacate"
at the Oreste space at the Venice Biennale ( june/99),
we are in the process of publishing the book that will document the entire
project "Oreste at the Venice Biennale" and we believe it will be a good
solution to ask to the organisers of each event to "curate" their own pages
on the book.
This book intends not only to give a complete information, but also to
represent an instrument for possible and useful contacts among the
different entities (groups, independent art projects, individuals) that
took part in the project, possible and useful.
To fulfill such a purpose, a precise and functional work is necessary; this
is why we ask you a little effort in designing your own pages and curate
them also from a technical point of view.

The book will be structured in three parts:
TEXTS (critical and theoretical statements etc.);
DOCUMENTATIONS of the events at the Biennale;
INFORMATION on the participants.

For the section "documentation" each curator/organiser is requested to send
the pages related to the event curated by him/her. Given the technical data
written below, the pages will be designed, with texts and images,
autonomously. A characteristic of the book, infact, will be the attempt to
reproduce the complexity and the diversity of the activities that happened
inside the "Oreste room". We believe that a rigid unifying criteria (in the
graphic of the book, as well as in its contents) will not respond to such
The pages of this section of the book will be simply published in a
chronological order.
Technical data of the pages we are asking you:
Number of pages: 2
Dimension of the page: 122x202 mm (the same dimensions of the two previous
books of the "Progetto Oreste")
dimensions and kind of the fonts, amount of written texts, number and
position of the photographs (that will be published in black and white),
columns, margins - will be at your choice.
All the texts will be in their original language AND in English (if the
original language is English, no translation will be necessary).
We ask you to send the pages or directly on the transparencies or on a
floppy or Iomega Zip or CD written in Quark Xpress for Macintosh, version
3.3 (or previous).
Images must be minimum 240 dpi.
Please include the fonts.
We suggest that images will be sent also as a print on paper.
In case it is not possible for you to design the pages in the required
format, or to make the translation into English, we ask you, once collected
images and texts, to contact us ASAP.
For the section "information" -that will be apart from the "documentation"
-we ask you to collect and send the info on the participants according to
the following criteria:
individuals: name, address, email, tel and fax and, in max ten words, the
job or the reason of his/her participation;
groups: name, address, email, tel and fax and, in max ten lines, a resumé
of activities (past and present), and future projects.

The publication of the book is urgent. This is why we ask you to send the
required material within February 1 2000 to the following address:

Francesca Alessandrini
via Volta, 15
I-20121 Milano

With many thanks,

Emilio Fantin
Giancarlo Norese
Cesare Pietroiusti

Emilio Fantin
Via B. Marcello 19
40141 Bologna, Italia

Tel & Fax ++39 051 6233385      cell. 0348 7929218

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