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Syndicate: e-phos 2nd international festival of film and new media on ar

Dear friends, members of the syndicate,
Just two days ago, on Wednesday nigth in Athens, the 2nd 
International Festival of Film and New Media on Art,  E-PHOS come to its end.
This yearÎ?s program included 24 films on art in competition, 
the special program on film, new media and architecture HYPERTOPOS, the New Media exhibition 
MEDIATRIUM, a special showcase on Arts Council films 
for the television, as well as two special programs on videogames and moving 
graphics in collaboration with ONEDOTZERO.
Finally, the two days symposium in architecture and beyond 
hosted by the festival. Some of the speakers that 
participated were Yiannis Tsiomis, Elias Zenghelis, Saskia Sassen, Christine 
Boyer, Mit Mitropoulos, James Faubion, Marcos Novak and many others. The 
symposium was  complemented with a happening by the group URBAN VOID. 

In all 76 films were presented, 22 cd-roms and numerous 
websites on art.
The winners in the film section are:
For best creative documentary on art
BALKAN BAROQUE by Piere Coulibeuf from 
The film was prasied by the committee as an 
exceptional film both masochistic, narcissistic, provocative and disturbing. It 
works both as an introduction to the life and work of Martina Abramovic and as a 
piece of art itself. It really creates its own genre, amnd therefore best 
fulfils the criteria "creative documentary".
For best TV documentary
PEACE BY PIECE by Sharon Shamir from 
A brave film entering difficult and profoundly political 
territory. The film remains personal, open ended and humaine. The seeds of the 
human capacity for change are here.
Special Jury Mention
NEGATIVE SPACE by Chris Petit from 
A challenging essay of ideas whose unsual form matches and 
complements the content.
Jury members
director of Centre of Contemporary Art DESTE Katerina Yreyos 
filmmaker Tim Rolt
filmmaker Yorgos Papakonstantinou
The winners in the cd-rom on art section are:
LISTEN by Post Tool Design from 
HEROI ENCYCLOPEDIA by Espoleta Design from 
PERMANENT FLUX by Yariv Alter Fin, Brigitte Belanger, 
Bellissima, Nobby van Gisbergen, Dave Hemminga, Jacco Houbiers, Peter Kroon, 
Bastiaan Lips, Sjoera Nas, Nirit Peled, Ingrid Plante, Alfred Rademaker, 
Marjolijn Ruyg, Remon Tijssen, Jaap Verdenius and many many others, from 
Jury members
writer Milorad Pavic 
video artist Dimitris Kozaris 
festival e-phos director  Yiannis Skourogiannis 
e-phos festival  
57 Archimidous
GR-11636 Athens