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Syndicate: DF(2)-11dec99

: Saturday 11 december 1999
: 21H00 [GMT+1]
: project : bulot
: performers : bulot / BTM / Greg_c
: Actions Réseaux Numériques

Net performances/installations in physical spaces.

Aim : fix an image created by actions (commands) send by every operator
present at the meeting time.

- Interface as a convergence's node of individual actions and those produced
by collective dynamic (~network).
- Interface as a focusing distance required for the development of
(Net--> local area)

DF's(2) process begins on the DF's(1) last action, i.e. the context
of the photo taken after one hour of this performance (the final result of
all commands sent by the participants). In DF(2) at any time, each
participant-operator can records his/her own photo. DF(2) as photographic
notion hilighting the individual action in a collective device: fixing the
image of the action produced by commands (webcam2).

As for DF(1), the memorizing process is integrated. In DF(1), archiving
was done via the mobile camera that filmed the actions in a one hour
single-sequence shot. In DF(2), archiving will be done by each participant
who will record his own action-photographs, and send them as attached files
via e-mail, in order to melt them into the collective recording of the
[Image of the webcam1 (seen top) is fixed. It's the checking mark of the
operated actions. The image to be archived is preferably webcam2's image.]

Time as distance 'between and in' spaces but also 'between and in'
states/shapes: the information flow creates a photographic emulsion to
display latent images, revealed by time. A variable distance, between
distinct points, a distance subjected to the fluctuations of information's
environment in which it evolves.


Saturday 11 december 1999
21H00 [UT+1]
project : bulot
performers : bulot / BTM / Greg_c
Actions Réseaux Numériques

with the participation of:
soirée interactivité(s)
at webbar (Paris)
and in the frame of medi@terra festival(Athens)

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