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Syndicate: comics against homophobia

 Brand new publication "Comics against Homophobia" is a joint project by
 Campaigne against Homophobia and Center for Contemporary Art - Belgrade.
 The publication contains comics by young comic author and musician 
 Vladimir Jakovljevic as well as the introductory essay by Dejan Nebrigic, 
 gay activist and the executive director of the Campaigne against Homophobia. 
 The publication is published on the occasion of the 51st anniversary of 
 the establishment of the UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights. The 
 comics represented in the publication deal with social, family and legal
 aspects of homophobia in the Serbian society.

 The publication is to be presented to the public on Friday, December 10th,
 at the Media Center in Belgrade at 12h. The presentation is conceived as
 a disussion on the gay and lesbian issues within Serbian society. 
 Participants to the discussion are:

 Dejan Nebrigic, executive director of the Campaigne 
 Vladimir Jakovljevic,comics author 
 Branislav Dimitrijevic, art historian, CCA Belgrade
 Dusan Maljkovic, deputy director of the Campaigne
 Zorica Mrsevic, lawyer, Campaigne Board member
 Ivana Spasic, sociologist, Campaigne Board member

 Dejan Sretenovic
 CCA Belgrade  
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