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Syndicate: Dutch students on strike; and Yugoslavia

Date:  Mon, 06 Dec 1999 17:02:23 +0100 
From:  Herman de Tollenaere <hermantl@stad.dsl.nl>
Subject:  Dutch students on strike; and Yugoslavia 
To:  office@globalreflexion.org 

On Monday 6 December, tens of thousands of Dutch secondary school students
went on strike against government education policy. The government "Phase
Two" policy curtails education prematurely for many students. This year,
the Dutch government was willing to spend much taxpayers' money on throwing
NATO bombs on the Balkans; destroying human lives, and also, eg, many
schools. However, money for good schools in The Netherlands is a different
matter ...

There were big strikers' marches; including one of over 20.000 students and
teachers in The Hague, the government city. This was much more than the
organizers had expected.

Dutch peace activists participated in the march. They distributed leaflets
of solidarity with the students; and also calling for solidarity with
schools in Yugoslavia, by helping the OBJ (the Dutch Foundation for
Reconstruction of Primary Schools in Yugoslavia). These leaflets were very
eagerly accepted by the marchers. Also, solidarity postcards with Yugoslav
schools, and anti-war brochures, were sold. Through the leaflets, thousands
of students learned for the first time about the strike in Leposavic
(Kosovo) on November 23. Students and workers protested Clinton's Kosovo
visit there. Big business Dutch dailies had not mentioned that protest.

In The Hague, some students threw fruit and eggs at government politicians;
and also at opposition politician Paul Rosenmvller [Rosenmvller, Green Left
party leader, had supported NATO bombing this spring; to the dismay of many
Green Left voters]. The Special Mobile Police attacked peaceful
demonstrators. At least sixteen students were arrested, according to RTL 4

The demonstration showed the spirit of resistance is not limited to the
demonstrations against Clinton in the Balkans; or to Seattle, USA.
Herman de Tollenaere
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