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Syndicate: todo- design SB banner with link page? [ISEA-FORUM:459] [XXI CALL FOR BANNERS]

Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 23:57:45 -0500
Subject: todo- design SB banner with link page? [ISEA-FORUM:459] [XXI CALL

[apologies for the cross-posting inconvenient to multiple lists - version
francaise plus bas]

Dear colleagues

On december 15th, the Informative Arts Art Foundation will open its
exhibition :  "XXI Default Value"

On that occasion pavuCS (PAVU Communication Support) invite all the
net.artists to conceive advertising banners for their work and to mail them

The received banners will be displayed on the Foundation's home page

banner size : 468x60 pixels
Deadline : december 12th 1999

We await your banners with impatience and thank you very much in advance

Best regards

-/ don't let net tease you /-

---------------------------------- [VERSION FRANCAISE]

Chers collegues,
Le 15 decembre prochain, l'Informative Arts Art Foundation (iaaf)
inaugurera son exposition "XXl - default value".

A cette occasion, pavuCS (PAVU Communication Support) invite tous les
net.artists a concevoir des bannieres publicitaires pour leur travail et
les envoyer a
Les bannieres recues seront affichees sur la page d'accueil de la

Format des bannieres : 468x60 pixels
Deadline : 12 decembre 1999

Nous attendons vos bannieres avec impatience et vous en remercions par


-/ don't let net tease you /-

     ___     SenseBus @
   /  o  \   A collaboratively built, interactive sensory
   |_o_o_|   environment which senses and expresses through
   \_| |_/   touch, light and sound in interaction with visitors.

Arthur Bueno
V2_Organisatie Rotterdam
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3012 XL Rotterdam
tel. 010.206.7272
fax. 010.206.7271

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