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Syndicate: jo      i E A R   S t u d I o s
Department of the Arts, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY
Tenure Track Faculty Vacancy:
Animation and New Media
(rank open)
The iEAR Studios (integrated Electronic Arts at Rensselaer), of the 
Department of the Arts at Rensselaer is a state-of-the-art facility 
dedicated to interdisciplinary creative research and artistic 
development in audio, interactivity, video, computer imaging, 
animation, web, multi-media installation and performance. As an art 
program situated within the context of a technological university, we 
offer a unique creative environment in which to develop and realize 
cutting edge electronic art.
We are seeking a candidate to lead the animation initiative of the 
department, including advising on the construction of a new facility, 
teaching graduate and undergraduate studio courses, and coordinating 
curriculum with other faculty.  The ideal candidate will be an 
established practicing artist and educator who uses techniques of 
animation in their creative practice, and has experience working with 
professional digital platforms and applications. Additional desirable 
skills and interests include interactive hardware and software 
development, net art, performance art, installation, and theoretical 
topics. Candidate must be willing to become an active member of the 
Arts Department, with a strong commitment to creative work, research 
and teaching.
Qualifications: Professional activity and visibility as a practicing 
artist and previous experience in university teaching  and 
organizational administration are desired.  This position requires an 
MFA or other terminal degree, or equivalent professional 
accomplishment and recognition.
Salary:  commensurate with experience
Beginning date:  August 2000
To apply, send a resume, a cover letter describing your 
qualifications, and a sample of your work.  Letters of 
reccommendation may be requested after reciept of you application. 
Work samples may be in the form of books, articles, slides, 
videotapes (1/2", 3/4, MiniDV, DVCAM),  urls,  CDs, or other 
appropriate media.  Women and minorities are encouraged to apply. 
Rensselaer is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer. 
Applications will be considered beginning March 1, 2000, and will be 
accepted until the position is filled.  Applications should be sent 
	Prof. Igor Vamos / Animation Search Committee
	iEAR Studios, DCC 135
	Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
	Troy, NY 12180
	tel:  (518)276-2250
	fax: (518)276-4780

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