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<> California Institute of the Arts and The Museum of 
Contemporarey Art present ALEXEI SHULGIN


12/8	Alexei Shulgin gives a lecture on
	his work at The Museum of Contemporary
	Art, 250 Grand Street, in the MOCA Ahmanson
	Auditorium at 8 PM.

12/9	Shulgin's 386 DX Cyberpunk band performs at
	CalArts Main Gallery at 10 PM.

12/13 	Shulgin's 386 DX Cyberpunk band performs at UCLA
	at 6 PM.
	Reception at 5:30 PM.
	For directions call (310) 825-9007.

12/16 	Shulgin's 386 DX Cyberpunk band with the AKSHUN
	Group host the opening of KLONDIKE:
	An International Fluxus Group Show
	at CalArts Main Gallery  at 10 PM.

TBA	(Check website:
	Shulgin's 386 DX Cyberpunk band performs at Al's Bar.
	For more information call (213) 625-9703.

All events are free and open to the public.

Alexei Shulgin is a Moscow based artist, curator and
musician. In his work he explores the boundaries
between art, technology and "real life." His favorite
methods are mixing contexts and questioning the
existing states of things. Shulgin has participated in
numerous exhibitions and symposiums on photography and
new media. He has played a crucial role in the
development of contemporary experimental photography
in Russia and is a pioneer of His career has been
immortalized in Vuk Cosic's "Classics of Net.Art"
( and Natalie Bookchin's
"Story of Net Art (Open Source)" at

Shulgin's 386 DX Cyberpunk band consists of a
single old computer which sings rock'n'roll hits and
multimedia light show. The band marks the start of a new
era in which computers are replacing humans at all levels.

<> is a lecture series featuring net
artists, net activists and net collectives from around
the world. The series, which continues through May
2000, brings together for the first time in the United
States artists and activists known throughout the world
for their low tech and interventionist strategies of
experimental and radical cultural production,
collaboration, and critique on and off the Internet.

The series is a collaborative effort between the Cal
Arts Programs in Photography in the School of Art and
Integrated Media and MOCA.

For directions and more information on all events:

For further information please call  323-644-1762  or
send email to


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