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Syndicate: Digital Arts & Culture Conference, Bergen NO 2-4 Aug 2000

>Call for Proposals
>conference web site is at
>The third international Digital Arts & Culture Conference will be
>held in Bergen, Norway August 2-4, 2000. This conference aims to
>embrace and explore the cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural theory
>and practice of contemporary digital arts and culture. As we step
>across the threshold to a new millennium, the DAC conference affords
>us the opportunity to develop and foster communication and
>understanding about digital arts and culture across a wide spectrum
>of cultural, disciplinary, and professional practices. To this end,
>we cordially invite scholars, researchers, artists, computer
>professionals, and others who are working within the broadly defined
>areas of digital arts and culture to join in the DAC discourse
>community by submitting proposals for presentations to the Digital
>Arts and Culture conference in the year 2000. Women and people from
>ethnic minorities are strongly encouraged to submit.
>Presentations may be in the form of scholarly papers or
>presentations; or performances and installations incorporating
>electronic and digital technologies and media. Collaborative
>presentations are encouraged, and to aid our collaborative and
>cross-disciplinary objective, we are primarily seeking submissions
>for three main types of sessions: (Single submission per person only,
>Panels: Should consist of 3-4 presentations around a common theme.
>Presenters will be given 20 minutes each with time for discussion.
>Forums: Should consist of 3-6 presenters who will have 8-10 minutes
>each to deliver position statements on a theme or topic set forth by
>the forum organizer. Forums are roundtable type events that should
>accommodate ample time for discussion among panelists and audience.
>Performances, Installations: Can consist of individuals or groups.
>Session formats may vary depending upon the presenters' needs and
>wishes. Please note that we may not be able to supply highly
>specialized and advanced media or technical support.
>Individual submissions are also welcome.
>Proposals should not exceed 500 words in length, and proposals for
>panels and forums must include abstracts for each of the proposed
>presentations. Brief bios for each presenter must accompany the
>proposals. All proposals must be submitted through the online
>submission form at the DAC2000 web site on or before March 1. 2000.
>Notification of acceptance will be given by April 1, 2000.
>Welcome to DAC2000,
>Jan Rune Holmevik,
>Conference Chair
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