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Syndicate: PRIMER

From: "Gordan Paunovic" <>
Subject: PRIMER
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 13:12:19 GMT

News from Serbia:

PRIMER - 4th World Communication Electronic Magazine

Launched: 30 Nov 1999

4th world: what does it look like?
4th world: what's going on?
4th world: what does it feel like?

Launching action: Global solidarity against global capitalism
Belgrade event: author unknown; place
unknown; well-known graffiti session.

Live streaming on the PRIMER web-site - 16.00 CET


The nation of no nation
By paraphrasing Fela Kuti, we wanted to indicate the existence of a
widespread category of people, so widespread that it goes pretty much
unnoticed - a category of non-citizens.

The Star Wars partisans (The Force may not be with you)
The war fought in Serbia was a perfect example of media misunderstanding, or
a war fought on different media levels. In order to understand this it is
necessary to go back and watch all the war
movies of our time, from the sixties until today, in America and Serbia.

...Milosevic is back! But this time, he's mad!
Demonstrations against a pop star have never succeeded anywhere in the world
and they certainly won't on this tormented patch of European ground; in a
media world, it's only possible to demonstrate for something or somebody.

Target: the density of a trivialised
moment The example of the Target implies that media consciousness is the
only remaining mass political force in today's world. None of the stories
about civil and human rights have any importance any more, because the power
that could endanger them has long ago been removed from the state and state

..and more.

the 4th world communication magazine

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