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Syndicate: CRAC in Context expands. New update!

From: CRAC <>
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 14:47:56 +0100

This is a press release to you from CRAC
- Creative Room for Art and Computing Stockholm.

Welcome to a refill of CRAC in Context, the netpublication/hompage
published by CRAC.
CRAC in Context continues to examine the combination of art and digital
media. CRAC in Context traces narrow paths and fast broadbands in search of
projects, phenomena, theories, or conversations to present. Now, CRAC in
Context has been replenished with 20 new texts and a large number of new
video sequences, sounds and images.

Tuesday the 7:th of December we are launching the update of CRAC in Context

This is CRAC in Context #2:

As usual we present a number of artists which are members of CRAC. And
whose projects have been carried out in whole or in part with resources
from CRAC. Meet Bigert & Bergstr­m, Lova Hamilton, Ann-Sofi Sid�n, Annika
Str­m, Per Teljer, Sophie Tottie, and Charlotte ?bergh. Some of these have
a secure place on the international art scene. You will also be able to
read reflections contributed by a series of writers, for instance Magnus
B?rtÃ?s, Eva-Lotta Holm Flach, Robert Fleck, Nils Forsberg, Sonia Hedstrand,
Mats Stjernstedt, Jan Svenungsson, and Annika Hansson.

The second type of texts and conversations added to the site deals with the
area of digital media and art which is located outside of CRAC, but which
we naturally form a part of. Both nationally and internationally. Now you
can read, among others, the Russian American media theorist and artist Lev
Manovich's texts "Avant-garde as Software", and "Navigable Space". HÃ?kan
Nilsson ponders the collaboration between legendary ambient group
Zoviet-France, choreographer Ika Johannesen, and stage designer Jens
Sethzman. Media theorist and practitioner Micz Flor delivers an excerpt
from his lecture "The Digital Revolution: a private revolution?". Charlotte
Bydler examines digital art at the Istanbul biennial, and artist and
engineer Tore Nilsson reports on Siggraph 99 in Los Angeles. In addition,
curators Hans Ulrich Obrist and Ute Meta Bauer discuss sound and
architecture with Akita Masami, and urbanity with artist Karl-Heinz Klopf.
Annika Hansson talks to Arijana Kajfes about the role of the artist in the
world of academic research, and to media curator Erkki Huhtamo, who is
currently planning the big exhibition "Alien Intelligence" at KIASMA in

Click also on our banners containing inserts - independently presented
works which were created here at CRAC. Here you'll find a sample from Papa
Dee's new video produced by Dan Lageryd and Christine ÷dlund. Tobias
Sj­din's pictures were taken here at CRAC's physical location, on
Igeldammsgatan in Stockholm, and behind the Source banner you will find
samples from the video magazine of the same name.

All the previous texts, interviews, videos, image files and sound files are
still here at CRAC in Context. They are still topical, interesting,
entertaining, difficult to chew and easy to digest.

CRAC  (Creative Room for Art and Computing) is a digital media workshop
located in downtown Stockholm. It blends advanced digital technology with
artistic integrity, offering unique conditions for production,
experimentation, and development within the field of digital art. CRAC also
fosters reflection and discussion about ethics and aesthetics in digital

For more information concerning the netpublication CRAC in Context, please
Chief Editor: Annika Hansson, e-mail:, phone: +46 8 658 49 37
Project coordinator: Jon Brunberg, e-mail:, phone: +46 8 650
40 90
Web designer: Simina Astilean, e-mail:
For more information about CRAC, please contact the administration. E-mail:, phone: +46 8 650 40 90

CRAC-Creative Room for Art and Computing
Igeldammsgatan 30A, S-112 49 Stockholm
Tel: + 46 8 650 40 90 E-mail:

CRAC is organized by the non-profit organization SKODK and The Foundation
MediaLab with generous support from Sveriges Bildkonstn?rsfond, Stiftelsen
Framtidens Kultur, and Stiftelsen f­r Kunskaps- och Kompetensutveckling.

Creative Room for
Art & Computing

Igeldammsgatan 30A
S-112 49 Stockholm

08-650 40 90
08-650 40 98 (fax)

Nils Claesson

International Coordinator

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