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Syndicate: mailradek no. 24 (on terrorism)

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     text no. 84, part 2
When discussing terror, the concern of possible casualities among strangers
is very important. First, no one is a stranger, everyone is involved in the
situation: everyone buys food at shops, pays taxes, receives information
from the mass-media, and after all speaks on politics. If a man is ready for
some repression from the state, why not bear the same from terrorists?
Especially as the terrorists are much less dangerous.

There used to be a program of symbolic terror, once  developed by <Radek>
circle actionists sometime in 93 (which included extermination of pregnant
women, old people, children to demonstrate the relativeness of morals as
such). The other time, closer to present times, one man suggested to blow up
the Duma's entrance, in order to kill not the deputies themselves,  but the
people who serve them (such as guards, petitioners, <fans>). In any case,
terror must target not the personalities as such, but the principle of

Anyway, the talks about terrorists are always the same. A stupid commoner
always asks: what for? What did they want? And what did they get? Why wasted
their young precious lives? If there's a final opportunity to choose,  then
what we see is a final decision, and those who have made it in favor of
terrorism, ask us meaningful questions, and we, who never sacrificed a thing
for our beliefs, cannot ask them any.
        Oleg Kireev

INFO: A major FSB operation dedicated to Case 772 (The <New revolutionary
initiative> case) took place on the night of November 16. Searches were
conducted at the apartments of Larisa Shiptsova, leader of a Trotskist
organization Sergey Biyts, the journalist Andrey Stvolinsky, Andrey Sokolov,
the father of Andrey Sokolov and Sergey Yegorov, a member of RKSM(b). All
they, including Tatyana Nekhorosheva and Andrey Sadovnichy (who were present
in Shiptsova's apartment during the search) were taken to night
interrogation, except Larisa, who refused to go without her 3 months' old
child. Instead of that, the officials again confiscated her computer and
that of Stvolinsky's, and they also took away nearly all Sokolov's clothes
and some acetone samples of his hands in order to find chemicals. They were
looking for NRA documentation and explosives. Sokolov was arrested in the
metro station <Kievskaya>, and that means, his movements around Moscow had
been monitored. The lawyers suggest, the action was due to the court session
on the case of RVS, which was scheduled for November 17.

The trial on Kochkarev's case took place at November 26th in Lefortovsky
regional court. He was sentenced to six months of a strict regime
imprisonment (the prosecutor demanded for nine). A group of anarchist and
komsomol activists has been picketing the court building before the trial
with the slogans <Freedom to political prisoners> and like. The cops were,
for sure, against them.
     Kochkarev looked badly and spoke hardly, his face was swollen, his eyes
were red. He refused from the previous evidences where accused the cops in
throwing him marijuana up, but nevertheless denied the accusation. The cops
present in the hall have been standing up threatenly everytime when he had
to speak about that. A flagrantly absurd accusation told, he was caught
right on the street just because of a suspicious look and bought marijuana
at the Kursky railroad station from <an unknowh caucausian-like person whom
he firstly met there>. Noone told about his visit to Vladimir Slivyak (see
the previous mailradek infos), about Slivyak's own interrogation, about the
threats, about the FSB interrogations, about the special means of
interrogations using (which was witnessed by the experts), the time of the
arrest was pointed out for sure uncorrectly (22.05 instead of 16.00). There
was an expertise datas that Kochkarev wasn't a drug addict, and there were a
plenty of extenuating circumstances. The judge didn't mask her antipathies
and made many leading questions. That's because justice is not asleep.

A group of anarchist activists painted a few Moscow areas with anti-war and
anti-parties graffiti at evening 26th. It was one of the first actions of an
<Against all parties> campaign which is on the run and a starting point for
an anti-war campaign. The workers have carefully erased a huge writing
<Voina-huinya> (<War is shit>) from a Darwin museum's wall just a few days
later, and the writings <Vote against all now> and like are still adorning
the advertising billboards and the walls of houses.

The arrests of Ter-Oganian and Pimenov, conducted by Interpol in Turkey, as
reported by <Moskovski Komsomolets> at the beginning of the month, were a
canard. Pimenov is phoning every day, and he says that there weren't any
sanctions aganist him and Avdey, except for a short talk with Interpol
representatives, during which a couple of formal questions were asked, like
<Did you blow up ...?> or <Do you know ...?> Besides, a Gathering of
Revolutionary Writers is going to take place in Prague in the middle of
December. Pimenov is currently working on it. The address of the
organization committee is

A group of anarcho-activists celebrated The Militia Day on the 10 of
November, calling it the Day of Open Doors. Leaflets were distributed in
elevators and entrances of various apartment blocks, calling upon the
residents to uninstall the intercoms and not to be afraid of strangers,
against whom the authorities create locked doors and guarding teams.

A mini-edition of the new record <Fractal world> by Pasha Shevtchenko's rap
project <Tryop> is on sale. It differs from the previous album <Time,
events, people> by a more advanced technical rendition (it was made with a
computer, unlike the first album, which was made with a toy synthesiser) and
by more advanced music. Now it is not social pathetics in poetically
complicated lyrics (<It is our pursuit, our fate, And the only concern is
time> or <Don't sleep my tender anti-social element, fucking fucked fuckers'
herd>), but rude surrealism (<Don't peel orange kittens even if they want
you to>)

A Pulp Fiction performance took place on the 27 of November at the mailradek
headquarters. Travolta's part was played by the aforementioned Shevchenko,
Jackson's part by the honourable Comandante of the Krayeved movement Zakhar
Mukhin, Bruce Willis's part by the acting Comandante of the Krayeved
movement Dmitry Model.

The Bombshelter project was taking place from the 30 of October to the 4 of
November in Novosibirsk, arranged by the Novosibirsk Soros Fund branch. 12
artists from various cities spent 4 days in a bombshelter without any clock
or watches. The project was particularly interesting because of the
experimentality of the social event, and because of the way the
communication and creativity flowered under unusual conditions. And we can
easily say that the creativity was pure manifestation of the Anonymous and
Free Art.

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