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Syndicate: 2.International and WWI

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On the organise mailing list, somebody was talking about the 2nd International and WWI. This person was from Italy and was convinced that the only section of the 2. International, which upheld the pre-war decision to oppose all capitalist war efforts alike, was the one in Italy (PSI). According to the history programs, which are still taught in Serbia, the only to sections to uphold this decision were the ones in Serbia and Russia. At least, that was what I had to learn for school and I do remember it was also written in the school books. I posted that and asked if anybody knew of other branches of the 2.Internationala, who upheld this decision.
So far, I got an answer that the Irish Socialist Republican Party also belongs to that group. Now, I wish to collect information about all parts of the 2.Internationala who opposed all capitalist war efforts in WWI. I am especially interested if there were more parts of the Internationala, who were the "only" to uphold this pre-war decision. Your replies will be more than welcome.


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