Dimos Dimitriou on Sat, 27 Nov 1999 22:23:19 +0200

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Syndicate: Call for submissions and suggestions for Mediterranean and Balkan net activities

Submit and/or Suggest links of Mediterranean and Balkan region you find interesting 
One filter only = related to art and to free expression and no commercial commissioned 
(We have to enlarge and reinforce our communication )
sharing ideas speed up our concepts

Call for submissions and suggestions for Mediterranean and Balkan net activities 

Call for submission and/or suggestion of net-based art-works, art-actions, net-projects and 
net-communications. The submissions will form an attempt, for the compilation of a ?map of 
activities and works? of the Mediterranean and Balkan region. 
The submitted addresses will take part to the Mediaterra festival (Athens 10, 11, 12 of Dec. 
99) in the out-of-competition section. The days of the Mediaterra festival could be a 
provisional deadline time key to present the map of net-based art-works and activities of the 
Mediterranean and Balkan region. 

The aim of the call, is the realization of a map of artistic works and intentions of the 
Mediterranean and Balkan area. 
It is an attempt to form an approximate view of the complex artistic image of this area. How is 
configured by the local artistic intentions, will and feelings toward the international net-space. 
What will emerge out of the submitted artistic works? well expressed cultural differences or 
unavoidable net-homogeneity?
The creators of the works must come from the Mediterranean and Balkan countries. The 
works can be located anywhere in the net. 
It is clear that works related to the net space, in local languages, or ?bad English? are 
Commercial commissioned works and communications will be excluded. 

 (Deadline for submissions is 7 of December 99) 

Please, feel free to submit and suggest addresses 
contact: { HYPERLINK mailto:addfield@ath.forthnet.gr }addfield@ath.forthnet.gr 

Mediaterra.festival / net.section / competition-participants:
URL  {HYPERLINK "http://users.forthnet.gr/ath/addfield/webmed"}http://users.forthnet.gr/ath/addfield/webmed
Mediaterra.festival info :
URL { HYPERLINK http://www.fournos-culture.gr/festival/1999/index.html }http://www.fournos-culture.gr/festival/1999/index.html 

The <fournos-culture>[mailing list]: 
To subscribe post to: { HYPERLINK mailto:majordomo@fournos-culture.gr }majordomo@fournos-culture.gr 
and in the body (not to the subject) of the e-mail write : 
subscribe fournos-culture 
Or go to  { HYPERLINK http://users.forthnet.gr/ath/addfield/webmed/ }http://users.forthnet.gr/ath/addfield/webmed/
to the link <fournos-C> for info. 


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