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Syndicate: Sparks8 events in Toronto

Hello All,

>electronic media arts centre
>SPARKS8 antennas, transmission
>a performance by
>Stéphane Claude & Gisèle Trudel
>Curated by Nina Czegledy
>SPARKS8 is a performative audiovisual essay inspired by the life and
>work of Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), an remarkable inventor whose discoveries
>prepared the way for radio and television broadcast, the induction
>motor, and the fluorescent lamp.
>Tuesday, November 23, 1999
>@ 7:30pm

Gisèle Trudel
>Curated by Nina Czegledy
Friday, November 26 - Saturday, December 18, 1999
(opening reception: Friday, November 26, 5-9pm)


Timepiece: Kiss The Future
Timepiece is a video sculpture that utilizes a newly-adapted version of the
original 1838 Wheatstone stereoscope in combination with 3D computer
animation to extend the potential of 2D video images in order to examine
the ways in which representations of space and the body are molded by the
belief systems and technologies of various time periods.

Housed in an elegant wooden cabinet, Diamond-cutter is a video sculpture
that reveals an immaterial world of incandescent bodies and consciousnesses
that travel through time. Luminous and vaporous, the images generated by
the piece move with the transient quality of dream states.

Gisèle Trudel graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1984. She works as
a  video editor and digital compositing artist, and is the New Media
Coordinator at TechnOboro in Montreal. Trudel has exhibited her work in
Canada, Mexico, Germany, and Morroco.

>401 Richmond Street West, Suite 444
>Toronto ON
>InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre, Toronto (416) 599-7206

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