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Syndicate: big brother loudspeakers and oposite in ex YU

Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 10:49:44 -0800 (PST)
From: darko fritz <>
Subject: big brother loudspeakers and oposite in ex YU

dear andreas

as far as i know there was not bigbrotherlook speaker
systems in foreign yougoslavia, apart of the speaker
systems setup in companys, factorys or military
barracks (bb intranet).

I remember speaker system in military barracks in nis,
serbia, where i was serving the army in 1985-86. It
play radio news, local commands and terrible new folk
music each afternoon (from the tapes)... sound terror
... there was a mysterious list of forbiden bands
(mostly mainstream rock, who knows why) ... my
*express yourself* - *big revange* was done with help
of the ghetto blaster at the very last night of my
service. i play The best of industrial rock (test
dept, einsterzunde neubauten, this heat, laibach and
so on) for thee hours or so.

in 1990, within the performance of (zeljko serdarevic
and my) the 'imititation of life studio' in SKUC
zagreb we used such a local speaker system placed
outdoors and at public buildings as well.
SKUC is a student campus including restaurant and
cinema and concert hall. we had a performance in the
cinema, but we played our (experimental) music intro
at the speaker system using (about 50)low-file funky
tube-like speakers covering about 1 km2 of the SKUC

about real 'bb' speaker system i hear from chinese
friend living now in amsterdam: there are (still
nowadays) cheep paper made speakers set up in the
private living rooms. They broadcasting political
texts and news, and it is not possible to turn it off.

another masterpiece of the bb sound technology are
german '30 radios with one frequency only. ...

something opposite from the 'bb one way speaker
was realized in early '80 in Slobostina, new district
in zagreb ... a dream of early video artist become
truth. architect ivan cizmek and his team designed a
local cable network (2 ways broadcasted system:
possibilities to broadcast from each home), and it was
in function until 1997. it was broadcasted local
(district) tv. the printed fanzine was also around.


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