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Syndicate: Sribar: Problematic: Advertising of Hot Lines

From: Renata Sribar <>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 16:31:01 +0100

The Problematic of the Advertising of Hot Lines

The advertisements of hot lines represent one of the common social
practices of degrading women while exhibiting them literally as commodities
on disposal for men's sexual "needs". It's true that there are also men
actors in the ads for hot lines (gay lines etc.) but the ads for on line
women prostitutes differ from the ads for on line men prostitutes. Women
are always shown naked and sexually aroused while men always keep their
integrity. At least this is the case in Slovenia. In our country the
proposition of the new media law has been written and there are no direct
restrictions regarding the advertising of hot lines included. So some
feminists decided to protest against this ignorance. For the campaign we
should be equipped with information about the public opinion, law and the
activities of NGOs regarding the advertising of hot lines in other countries.

Because this is quite a complex subject involving the definition of above
mentioned advertising (erotica versus pornography), the classification of
the hot line activities (prostitution versus free time activity) etc. we
want to exchange information and opinion. 

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