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Syndicate: Re: Ecuadorians Reality

Dear Fran;

	I would like to point, just, that I'm

On the contrary, just the last year I was in the US (I had the chance to
visit Tijuana for four days), and I came back to my  country because I
think I have a lot of things to do here (the "Arts Parliament" is just one
of them)
Happens that a lot of people is leaving Ecuador, because they think they
can (and they have) find a better life out there. Generally those are poor
people (they pay 8.000 to 10.000 dollars to the 'coyotes')
The rich ones are going out because what they can offer has not any sense
(in their minds) here (they pay 1000 for a nice trip in American Airlines).
They think that if no one hear what they have to say, then in other
countries (like the US) someone will hear them.

	I do not agree with people that goes out to "find a better life." I think
that if was born Ecuadorian I have to do everything to survive here. I feel
this as my place.
The politicians always do the wrong thing. They believe in power an that is
I think that with art we (the ecuadorians and why not, everyone) can give
better and different perspectives to improve society. And the last noe
means just being political.

Well, I hope my idea is clearest now.

Best regards.

Damian Toro.
Centro de Arte Experimental
Estudios Interdisciplinarios e Intermidia.

Tel.: 593-2-898289 / 897972
Telefax.: 593-2-898289

PO Box: 17-07 8983
Quito - Ecuador-

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