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Syndicate: Ecuadorians Reality

What an Ecuadorian citizen was thinking today?

Maybe this:

"Sometimes I feel that I should not stay in my country. Here I can only see
rejection, hate between politicians, syndicalists, workers....
Poverty is all over. Children are working like animals. They do not have
food, education, any kind of protection.
Big constructions are going on. And people has not a place to live.
Politicians are saying 'We know what we have to do' but they are doing

"I understand now, why people is going to Italy, USA, Spain and Germany.
They prefer be illegals, work like stupid dogs. They prefer loose their
identities than to live here.
For what reason they should stay?
Here they have just the light of the sun, the shadow of the night.
Here they just have a body to live in.

"Midle class is in the process of dissapearance. Me like others, have not a
job. Have just a lot of books in our brains.
For what?

If no one hear our voices, what we are doing here?

"Should we have a place in other places?

"Has art some kind of sense in a society like this?
If no one is looking, what we should do?"

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