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Re: Syndicate: public loudspeaker systems


> Michael, what bad memories you have from my town...   

Well, I'm not *traumatized* or anything -- actually I have many great 
memories of Split, I just didn't write any of them down and 
send them off to the list because the subject was --what was the 
subject again? -- oh yeah, PA systems. Or something like that. So 
that electronic ventriloque came to mind.

 > So, that is what I wrote in my last e-mail. It is a St.Domnio
> procession, which was forbiden during socialism, so they had to go only
> around a Diocletian mausoleum which has two entrances and is
> paradoxically a cathedral of a bishop which was prosecuted by Emperors
> will. Sound system is actually old and was used by small rock bends
> which didn t have any space so priest gave them some in chatedral,
> supplying them with part of the equipment.  

I'm amazed that I was actually "sampling" a procession -- I had such 
a clear image of a political pulpet, at the front of some kind 
of church-and-state, in my mind.

I mean, it didn't even occur to me to connect your description and 
what I heard in Split that night.

> Soundsystem is spread around the main squares in Palace. It is used only
> by the church during the procession. 

Sure gave me the creeps.
> So, it is true, but I am not sure where you saw those nationalist youth,
> as it is finally the only town in Croatia which suceed not to have
> nationalistic HDZ ruling it, but a social-liberal party? 

Actually, all I saw was the poster I mentioned; it was about the same 
size as football goal posts, and impossible to miss if you were 
arriving by boat.

> greetings 


Plus I love Hvar. I connect Split to Hvar, which works to 
Split's advantage. 

And b.t.w. I think it's great that Split voted against HDZ. What's 
the word on F.T., anyway? And who comes next? Any ideas?


Michael Benson  <michael.benson@pristop.si>
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