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Syndicate: Cinema Digitaal, Amsterdam, Paradiso 21 November 1999

From: "Kees Brienen" <>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 12:52:42 +0100

Cinema Digitaal: D.FILM Digital Film Festival
Sunday, 21st November 1999.
Doors open: 20.30 hours.
Program starts: 21.00 hours.

Ladies and gentleman,

The last words of Francis Ford Coppola in one of the best ?making of?
documentaryfilms ?Hearts of Darkness, a filmmakers apocalypse? (Elenor
Coppola & Fax Bahr, USA, 1991):
"For me the great hope is now that 8mm video recorders are coming out,
people who normally wouldn't make movies are going to be making them. And
that one day a little fat girl in Ohio is going be the new Mozart and make
a beautiful film with her father's camcorder. For once the so-called
professionalism about movies will be destroyed and it will really become an
art form."

In the early 80's the introduction of inexpensive personal computers,
scanners and desktop printers created the desktop publishing revolution and
led to radical new styles of graphic design. In the late 80's computers and
samplers revolutionized the world of music by allowing the creation of home
recording studios and entirely new forms of music like rap, house, techno
and drum & bass. Very soon, computers and other forms of new technology
(such as digital camcorders and the internet) will radically change the way
films are made and distributed. This technology is changing the rules as to
who will be able to make films. Abbie Hoffman once said: ?Freedom of the
press belongs to those who own one?. Today anyone with a PC and a copy of
Microsoft Word has, in effect, a printing press on their desktop. This same
phenomenon is coming to the world of filmmaking as for the first time in
history extremely powerful, extremely high-quality filmmaking tools become
available on a mass level.

D.FILM is at the center of this revolution. Their goal is twofold: first,
to showcase the best work by talented new artists and filmmakers using
these new forms of technology, and second, to inspire and instruct the
audience to create digital films themselves.
D.FILM Digital Film Festival is a travelling and online ({ HYPERLINK } filmfestival. D.FILM was chosen as the
Official Digital Film Showcase at Cannes 1999!

On Sunday November 21st at 21.00 hours Cinema Digitaal presents a
compilation of the D.FILM Digital Film Festival in the Paradiso. The
introduction program consists of only the best commercial films that won
prices at the Cannes Commercial Film Festival. Tickets are 15 Guilders.
Doors are open at 20.30 hours.

There is one more reason to visit the Paradiso on November 21st. It will
also be possible to buy tickets (?100,-) for Club Wat Nu ? the Paradiso
Millennium Party.

I very much hope to be able to welcome you at this show. Many kind regards,
Kees Brienen.

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