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Syndicate: Fw:KulturKontakt Austria: priority assistance areas for 2000


forwarding this for those who are not recieving Soros newsletters. 


KulturKontakt Austria: priority assistance areas for 2000

   1.Women artists in Central, Eastern and Southeast Europe 

     The democratisation porocess (the political transformation) in
Eastern europe was and still is being accompanied by
     major economical difficulties. It is very often the women who are
most affected by these difficulties. As a rule women
     can not be counted as winners in this process and can not
participate in the achievements to the same extent as men.
     Women artists and those involved in cultural production are in
general no exception here. Over the coming year and
     within the scope ou our abilities we would like to open up new
fields to them, to offer them encouragement and to
     support them in realising their projects.

     Projects by individual artists will be given the same consideration
as projects by groups. But our efforts are also
     aimed at constructing infrastructures which provide assistance to
women in the cultural sector and at developing
     networks of women artists.

     We are open to all branches of the arts and the offwer is directed
at women producing culture in all countries in
     transitio in Central, Eastern and southeast Europe. We will also
welcome projects which are based in Austria but
     have strong links to women artists in Eastern Europe. We do not
foresee any age limit for the women artists.

   2.Cultural co-operative work in and with Southeast Europe

The second priority for the year for the cultural assistance department
in KulturKontakt Austria is given over to the area
of southeast Europe, that means cultur projects in the successors of
former Yugoslavia, in Albania, in Romania and in

Art and culture are important sectors in which understanding is possible
beyond bnorders.

Art projects which initiate and/or continue cross-border, regional
co-operative work in this area will be given particular
consideration in our assistance programme. Here, too, we would like to
provide support especially for the construction of
networks and infrastructures which are aimed at improving co-operative
work between the countries of sotheast Europe or
the Balkan countries. In war-affected areas a reconstruction of smaller,
local initiatives is also to be given assistance. This
programme is aimed at artists working in all fields.

Deadline for submissions for both priority assistance areas is January
15, 2000.

In addition to precise description of the project and its contents and
deatails as regards time and place, the project material
must also contain a precise breakdown of costs and a financing plan
(with details of other project backers).

The guest studions programme, the grants for various master-classes
(Salzburg Summer Academy, Vienna master-clases,
DanceWeb etc.) as well as for the cultural management courses provided
by KulturKontakt will be distributed as in
previous years and will not be linked to the two priority areas.

KulturKontakt Austria

Spittelberggasse 3

A - 1070 Wien

Telephone +43 1 523 87 65

Fax +43 1 523 87 65 20


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