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Syndicate: visa to Balkania wrote:
I think you have a problem with the pleasure of utopian, imaginary, ironic
forms of expression.
* You don't know me well.:-)

May you be with others.
* Thanks for the invitation. 
But am I qualified for Balkania? Is it a state for the artists too, or for the
art managers only?
There are several projects like mine in Belgrade: some indie filmmakers,
comics authors, computer demo scene representatives etc. - all of them once
upon a time hosted at Cinema Rex, later at Cyberrex, and now looking for the
better solution. Our projects' names are LOW-FI VIDEO, CORROSION, Striper... -
I doubt you've heard of any of us because we have never been invited to any
seminar. On the other side, none of us has heard a single word about Balkania
until a month ago, while we were still at Cyberrex. We were deprived from the
chance to dream.
We are all hard working artists, devoted to our work and pretty naive. We
believe our problem is that we are not art managers. We can only do our job,
and we're not good in those strange skills of managercraft and seminarcraft.
Dreams and seminars are for the managers only, not for the common mortals. I
would feel much more utopian, imaginative and enlightened if I were an art
manager. But sucker I am, I admit it - therefore I have no right to complain
for not being utopian enough.
I'm not talking about the artists' mutiny - I'm just talking about the
managers' alienation. Or maybe worse.
This, not politics, is what really makes me an embittered Balkanian.

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