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Syndicate: residency in prag

dear syndicalists,

i would like to announce a new artists-in-residence program taking 
place in prague, czech republic, throughout the year 2000.

please, spread the word!

thank you,


Center for Contemporary Art - Prague

Jeleni Studio - Prague

               The CCA-Prague offers a 2-month residency to
               international artists at a studio located in the CCA
               building, Jeleni 9, Prague. The Center´s mission is to
               support artistic projects of high quality and the free
               flow of communication and ideas among people. The aim
               of the Jeleni Residency Program is to provide artists
               from abroad with space and time to fully concentrate on
               their creative work, give them an opportunity to spend
               a longer period of time in the Czech Republic and to
               get them acquainted with the Prague art scene and its
               public. At the closing of each residency, an exhibition
               may be held at the Jeleni Gallery, presenting the
               outcomes of the participant´s stay in Prague.
                The studio is located in the Prague Castle area, on
                the ground floor of the CCA building. It measures 15
                square meters and is accessible 24 hours a day. A very
                basic accommodation is available in the studio or the
                CCA offers accommodation in Prague. The artists have
                use of the adjacent garden, library of catalogs and
                magazines on contemporary art, and the media
                laboratory. Material for production of artworks has to
                be paid by participants.

               The cost of the studio for the period of two months: 
$ 1,500 - with separate accommodation in Prague  
$   700 -  with accommodation in the studio 

                  The fee covers the unlimited use of the studio, the
                  use of computers, kitchen,  bathroom and other
                  facilities at the CCA. Interested participants are
                  strongly encouraged to seek funding in art
                  foundations and organizations in their respective
                  countries. Participants are selected on a
                  competitive basis.

              Residencies take place from January through December
              2000 at the following terms:

1. January - February   (deadline for applying:December 15, 1999) 
2. March - April          (deadline for applying: December 15, 1999) 
3. May - June              (deadline for applying: February 30, 2000) 
4. July -August            (deadline for applying: February 30, 2000) 
5. September - October  (deadline for applying: May 30, 2000)
6. November - December  (deadline for applying: May 30, 2000)

             These terms are fixed and no exceptions are possible.

             Applications must include: 
* project rationale
* brief biography  
* visual documentation
* term of residency (if possible, please indicate an alternative 

For more information, please contact: 
Katerina Pavlickova 
Jelení 9 
118 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic 

Telephone #: 420 2 2437 3178, 33 35 13 59
Fax #: 420 2 5732 0640

email: katerina.pavlickova@ecn.cz
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