Slobodan Markovic on Tue, 9 Nov 1999 10:53:10 +0100

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Re: Syndicate: the Serbian myth of young, beautiful and smar

> 'Internet provider Sezampro has cancelled accounts held by activists and
> members of the student resistance organisation Otpor. In a statement today
> Otpor said...

> It sounds pretty OK in English. But in their news in Serbian, B2 told only
> the first passage of quoted above - not a single word about the provider's
> explanation! Really funny. Another proof to me...

    It is true that for some reason they did not include the second passage
    in their Serbian language news bulletin, but you COULD HEAR the words of
    the same SezamPro's administrator (in Serbian) in all major news
    broadcasts of the radio B2-92 that day...

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