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Syndicate: Victim of Geography - WWW and Glasgow premier

From: "Doug A" <>
Subject: Re: Victim of Geography www. and Glasgow premier

>>>>>>>Pictorial Heroes present<<<<<<<<

A night on the Wired-side


The All-Digital Glasgow and simulatenous world-wide web premier of Victim of

Followed by Scotland v Yugoslavia DJ slam for peace and unity


                                                LIVE in Glasgow, Scotland
Silicone Soul


Via the Internet From Radio Free-B92 Belgrade:
Gordon Paunovic, Vlada Janjic (B2 92)
Marko Nastic Vs Dejan Milicevic (Teenage
Techno Punks)

Webmaster and streaming in Glasgow: Chris Byrne and New
Media Scotland
Webmaster and streaming in
Belgrade: B2-92

The venue: The Arches, Glasgow
The Date: 11th November 1999
The time: Doors open 21:00
The movie: 22:00 gmt live in Glasgow and also streamed on the world-wide-web
The Music: 00:00 - till early

Tickets: £3 before and £5 after midnight

The www. streaming of the film will occur simultaneously to the live Glasgow
screening at 22:00 gmt
 and can be located at:

                                      +++++++++Press  Release+++++++++++

Following on from it's gate-crashing preview during this year's Edinburgh
Film Festival,  the all-digital feature Victim of Geography comes home to
Glasgow for it's  International and World wide web premier.
The film's Director Doug Aubrey says: "There is nowhere else in the world
that we would rather launch this film onto the international stage then at
home here in Glasgow and the Arches is the ideal, atmospheric, underground
venue to show it "

Especially as the film began it's life as an idea in another subterranean
bar in a shell shocked Sarajevo.

"A friend of ours who survived the siege of Sarajevo said to us over a beer
and game of pool at the end of the war said that he felt like a victim of

Five years later and after a journey that survived 2 wars, censorship at
home and numerous funding setbacks, the public will get an opportunity to
view the end resultsfor one night only in Glasgow.
This will be the only opportunity to catch this remarkable production in
Scotland for the forseeable future, before it embarks on a world-wide tour
through-out the year 2000, beginning with an exclusive screening in Belgrade
(hosted by Cinema Rex and Free Radio B92) and a world festival premier at
this years International Documentary festival in Amsterdam (an all time
Scottish first)

"I think in terms of screening and recognition for the film in Scotland,
it's a bit like - how do I put this without upsetting too many people - it's
a bit like that Norwegian brandy you can buy - you know the stuff it has to
travel around the world once before some people think they can get a taste
for it!"
Doug Aubrey the film's Director and Producer said.

The night at the Arches promises to be a genuine East/West collaboration,
which will not only be an opportunity to see the film but also to experience
it on the world wide web.
The streaming of the film will be undertaken with the support of Radio
B2-92, who will host the webcast (DATA and URL will follow)

Immediately after the film there will be a wrap party and DJ match for peace
and unity between Scotland and Yugoslavia, featuring webstreamed sets from
Glasgow and Belgrade.
The webstreaming will be undertaken by Chris Byrne from New Media Scotland,
who also launch their drift event across Glasgow the following night over
the weekend 12th-14th (for details go to: )

"This is very much us taking the film back to basics in ever respect - back
to our warehouse, do-it-yourself and underground roots" says Doug Aubrey.
"the live web streaming is an exciting possibility that due to the current
situation in Belgrade, might go completely pear-shaped - however if it is
alright on the night it could be quite an event..."

For more information about booking and screening Victim of Geography contact
Doug Aubrey:

For more press information and publicity about the event, please contact
Louise Prendergast
at Firehorse Communications:

Projects in the pipeline from Pictorial heroes over the next year include:

Collateral Damage: A film being produced in association with Free Radio B92

A Different Pitch: A football dream anid the nightmare of war. To be filmed
in Kosovo, this project is a sequel to an earlier story made by the
production company set in Bosnia called Louder than Bombs!


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