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Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 14:41:41 +0200
From: "stephen kovats" <>

The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation present:

· symposium · book launch · celebration ·

Saturday October 30.10.1999  10:00 - 21:00
Bauhaus, Dessau, Germany

A celebration of the publication of 'Media Revolution¹, and the final event
in the international media series, 'ostranenie¹.

· background ·

This event is the final episode in the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation's series
of international media fora, "ostranenie". It will examine the background
and effects of Europe's Media Revolution, by exploring the role played by
the electronic media in eastern and central Europe's uncertain and
long-from-complete transformation process.

· media revolution - the book the cdrom ·

Culminating the ostranenie media art events, the publication, 'Media
Revolution¹ investigates the links between the electronic broadcast image
and the process of democratisation as experienced during the 1990s in
Europe. 'Ostranenie¹, the term coined by the Russian Formalist Victor
Shklovski in 1916, implies a manner in which the process of art alters or
skews our perception of society and being 24 internationally recognised
authors have contributed texts: Stephen Kovats, Dr. Barbara Barsch, Ryszard
Kluszczinski, Lev Manovich, Gerrit Gohlke, Derrick de Kerkhove, Miklos
Peternak, Calin Dan, Siegfried Zielinski, David Hudson, Gary Schaal,
Kostadina Iordanova, Nina Czegledy, Eric Kluitenberg, Hans Ulrich Reck,
Inke Arns, Apsolutno Art Association,  Dejan Sretenovic, Ivo Skoric, Geert
Lovink, Keiko Sei, Marina Grzinic, and Andreas Broeckmann.  The book is
published by the Campus Verlag (Frankfurt / New York) as number 6 of the
Edition Bauhaus.

Accompanying the publication, the works of over 500 hundred artists and
writers from over 40 countries, who actively participated in the three
ostranenie media art events between 1993 and 1997 have been compiled into a
new multimedia CD ROM (produced by the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation in
cooperation with the C3 Center for Culture and Communication in Budapest).

Both the book and CD ROM (supported by the MDM - Mitteldeutsche
Medienförderung GmbH, Leipzig), illustrate the impact of Shklovski's term
in the context of a new media age, wherein global telecommunications have
altered the manner in which individuals and societies interact with and
understand one another. Together they provide one of the most complete
overviews into electronic media arts and society at the close of the
twentieth century. 

to order copies of the book OST WEST INTERNET / MEDIA REVOLUTION (which
includes the CD ROM) 

or the OSTRANENIE  93  95  97  CD ROM please contact
<> or  <>


Publikation and CD ROM   (ISBN 3-593-36365-8) 78 DM, 40 EUR, 45 US$, 
CD ROM       (ISBN 3-910022-30-8) 20 DM, 10 EUR, 12 US$

· media revolution - the symposium ·  finissage  SATURDAY OCTOBER 30, 1999 
In the chaotic race to "Westernise" Europe, broadcast media have been key
in deciding the battles of nationalist rhetoric, ethnic flash wars and
economic struggles. Is there a role for the artist in shaping the outcome
of these conflicts, while at the same time supporting the process of
democratisation? The channels of electronic telecommunications -  radio,
TV, and the internet - have cut a swath across traditional culture and
geopolitical zones, connecting today's society, and transforming art,
politics, press and propaganda. The establishment of a new and open civil
society, along with the greater task of cementing European integration is
dependent on the choice of media strategy and an effective use of
electronic networks. Ultimately the use of media to reshape the structure
and face of society in this region has been a process of the estrangement
of long established norms, and can be seen as a post Cold War spin on the
Shklovski term "priëm ostranenija".

part i) media revolution symposium

10.00 Prof. Dr. Omar Akbar, Bauhaus Foundation Director - Welcoming address
/ begrü�ung
10.15 Stephen Kovats, Berlin, Germany - Introduction
10.30 Dr. Lev Manovich, San Diego, USA - Avant-garde as Software
11.15 Stephen Kovats - ostranenie: mythologies of media estrangement
12.00 lunch break
13.30 Prof. Miklos Peternak, Budapest, Hungary - What happens when TV time
is over?
14.15 Dr. Kostadina Iordanova, Leicester, UK - Mediated Concerns: the New
Europe in Hypertext
15.00 coffee break
15.30 Andreas Broeckmann, Berlin, Germany  - Small Channels for Deep Europe
16.15 Apsolutno Art Association, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia - The Semiotics of
17.00 VHS, Tirana, Albania - The Video Heroes Shqipetare

The symposium will be in English with simultaneous translation into German.

part ii) ostranenie - CD ROM presentation and finissage

19.00 Nina Czegledy, Toronto, Canada - introduction / einleitung
19.30 Stephen Kovats, Inke Arns, Oliver Blomeier - CD ROM presentation and
video selection: ostranenie 93, 95, 97
21.00 the ostranenie champagne finissage with special guests The Love
Hunters & Balint Szombathy, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia

For further information:

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