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Syndicate: "BUCKY" - a quintessential art-sci performance! Nov.13th

Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 15:41:04 -0400
From: "Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI)" <>
Subject: "BUCKY" - a quintessential art-sci performance!  Nov.13th

FOR  IMMEDIATE  RELEASE:  October 30, 1999
Contact:  Cynthia Pannucci (ASCI) 718 816-9796

"BUCKY"  - a one-man performance
Saturday, Nov.13th at 8:30 pm
The Great Hall @ Cooper Union
7 E. 7th Street at 3rd Ave, NYC
Tickets:  $10 at the door (only)
(sales begin at 6pm)

This New York premier is being featured in conjunction with the ARTSCI'99
Symposium produced by Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI) and The
Cooper Union and is a one-time only event.

Meet R. Buckminster Fuller, inventor, architect, engineer, mathematician,
businessman, poet and philosopher; clearly one of the most exciting minds
of our century.  Brad Armstrong's characterization evokes the essence of
one of Bucky's infamous lecture/talks: congenial, entertaining, wide
ranging, humanistic and sharp-witted.  Using colorful props and
projections, BUCKY takes the audience on a transformative journey into the
playful mind of a genius at work.  Here is a man who set out to change the
course of history, not through politics but through invention.  The
physical objects he created like the geodesic dome and Dymaxion map
deliberately and spontaneously re-orient us to reality.  Bucky most
treasured human beings' unique ability to understand and participate in the
underlying patterns of the universe.  It was his unshakable belief that
each of us here on "Spaceship Earth" has a singular contribution to make
toward bettering the whole planet's welfare - and that exactly that, and no
less, is the success for which mankind is designed. 

Through the powerful universal principles that Buckminster Fuller
discovered and utilized during his lifetime, namely, Synergy, Precession,
Ephemeralization, and Acceleration of Acceleration,  we can explain and
predict some of the fastest mutating, richest and most inclusive patterns
of behaviors operating throughout the universe.  Learning and applying
Bucky's principles enables us to move forward in our stewardship of the
earth with extraordinary innovation, speed and integrity.

About The Playwright and Actor

Alice Wilson wrote BUCKY, her sixth script, in dialogue with it's actor
Brad Armstrong. Wilson has Seventeen years of theatre experience as the
Artistic Director of two professional theatre companies, both of which
received National Endowment For The Arts funding throughout her tenure.
Brad began acting in professional theater in Houston, Texas then took a
career detour to become a  successful trial lawyer and entrepreneur. It was
his passion for Bucky's work that led him back onto the stage. 

His writings, etc.-The Buckminster Fuller Institute -
Alice will be a panelist at the up-coming ARTSCI'99 Symposium at Cooper-
Program & Registration
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Cynthia Pannucci
Founder/Director of ASCI
(11 yrs.of service to field of art/sci/technology)
New York City  (718) 816-9796

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