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Syndicate: International Congress CUBA, May 2000

Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 21:15:23 -0700

The Center of Informatics Applied to Culture(CEISIC), of the Ministery of
Culture, CUBA, convokes to the IV Congress of Informatics in the Culture.
Please, contact with Mr Fernando Blanco Leyva, Executive
Secretary of the Congress, to this adress .

Further information, visit the Web page

Kindly Yours

Alexandra García Machado
Public Relations



The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Cuba and its systems of cultural
CULTURE to be held May 22 through 27 of the year 2000, in the National
Conference Center.
The event,  as part of the VII Convention and International Fair
Informatics 2000 has as main objective to continue the exchange of
experiences, initiated in the three previous Congresses, regarding
informatics applied to art and culture and systems of cultural information
as well as propitiating the introduction and exploitation of the
communications and the new technologies in this sector.


The applications and impact of informatics in the artistic and cultural
activities in general are treated in the Congress, such as:

* Impact of Internet in the Cultural Development: Advantages and
disadvantages as means of diffusion of the cultural activity.
* The artistic creation and the Informatics.
* Products and Informatic Services in the field of Art and Culture.
* Culture, ethics and informatics in the Digital Era.
* The application of informatics to the processes of work and diffusion of
the Cultural Heritage.
* Graphic and informational design in function of the Web Sites.
* Computer as element of work in the graphic design.
* Copyright in the development of the electronic commerce.
* Development of the digital painting at the end of the XX century.
? Informatics and Musical Production
? World Wide Web: Theory and practice in its conception and exploitation.
? Informatic   and new technologies. Its influence upon formation progress
and development of cultural promoters, artists, and creators.
* The book and its new digital format.
* Multimedia as a new form of artistic and literary expression.
* Electronic commerce for cultural products and services.
* Computerization of the library funds in function of the Society: new
* New methods of artistic teaching from the application of informatics.
* A new vision of the Seventh Art through the new technologies.


Dateline to produce papers will be on February 29, 2000. The acceptance of
the paper will be notified before April 15th of the year 2000.

They should be sent in 3 1/2" floppy disk. Microsoft Word for Windows must
be used for its making.
The paper should be up to 20 pages, with 2,5 cms margin at each side. Font
must be Arial 12. Only one file including the summary with no more than 250
words, and the paper content. Software used in the making of graphics and
illustrations must be specified. The following information will be at the
beginning of the lecture : Title, Authors, Institution, Address, Country,
Phones, Fax, e-mail and key words.

Sending procedures:

1.- By e-mail to: The attachments should not exceed
500 KB.
2.- Sending of 3 1/2" floppy discs to Organizing Committee postal address,
making use of registered mail:
CEISIC,  Ministerio de Cultura. Calle 4 No. 251 entre 11 y 13, Vedado. CP
10400. Ciudad Habana, Cuba.

Printed paper will be exceptionally accepted, which will be sent to the
Organizing Committee postal address by registered mail.
the Organizing Committee will notify the reception of the received papers.

Working languages: English and Spanish.

Registration Fees :

	By representatives of the National Conference Center	By other ways
Delegate	USD 200.00	USD  350.00
Student	USD 100.00	USD  150.00
Attendant	USD  70.00	USD  120.00

Sponsors :

Cuba's Ministry of Culture

Organizing Committee

President: Armando Méndez Vila
General Coordinator: Digna Cardoso Duarte.
Executive Secretary: Fernando Blanco Leyva.

For more information go to:

Fernando Blanco Leyva
Executive Secretary
Telephone: 552270
Fax: 334441

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