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Syndicate: "Genocide" - False Excuse For NATO's Aggression

"De Volkstrant": Genocide - false excuse for NATO's aggression
October 24, 1999


Rotterdam, Oct 24 - "Where are the bodies, mass graves,
evidences of the atrocities that Serbs have allegedly committed in
Kosovo and Metohija?", are the questions that introduced a text entitled
"Genocide was a false excuse for NATO's campaign" issued by an eminent
Holland daily "De Volkstrant".
After four months have passed since the end of the war, there are no
evidences on the genocide, the Holland daily was surprised to state,
though a team of experts from thirty countries are engaged in exhumation
aiming to reveal evidences on the crimes of war crimes allegedly
committed by Serbs and present them to The International War Crimes
Tribunal in The Hague.
The Holland paper noted that "the mass graves cannot be easily hidden
and, if they do exist, the possibility for the discovery of the new ones
is getting lesser concerning the devotion demonstrated in he work of not
only foreign experts but the local population as well".
We are now obligated to save the lives of thousands of innocent women
and children, the paper recalled Tony Blair's words stated in the Lower
House of Parliament in March, the first day after the onset of
aggression on Yugoslavia as well as the fact that "Blair and Clinton
used the genocide thesis as a justification of the assault on Yugoslavia
and stressed that these mass killings are the very moral reason for the
NATO's intervention".
The paper has also said that "the Yugoslav government denied the
accusations from the very beginning saying that the western governments
were deceived by the propaganda machinery of the KLA" and explained that
"back during the war, NATO based its operations on the information that
it received from the field from the KLA" thus even NATO's spokesman
Jamie Shea had to apologize since he announced false information on
murder of several eminent Albanian intellectuals, received from the KLA.

Also Italian paper says: 


ROME, Oct 21 -Investigations by international medical and specialised  
teams clearly show that no mass executions have been  
conducted in Kosovo, the Rome daily L'Unitaquoted Thursday a spokesman
for the International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague as saying. 
The paper said that the investigations to date, which it said  
had been thorough, by medical teams from 15 countries  
including the United States, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark,  
Ireland, France, Germany, Iceland, Luxembourg, Spain,  
Switzerland and Great Britain, had only led to the discovery of  
187 bodies in different locations.  
The paper said that reports on mass graves in the Yugoslav republic
of Serbia's southern province, launched by the international
community during NATO's March 24-June 10 aggression on
Yugoslavia, were, consequently, totally untrue.  
In most of the places claimed to be the sites of mass execution like
those at Trepca, Djakovica and Izbica, not a single body has been found,
the paper said.  
The international teams' investigations have shown that NATO'claim
that it must bomb Yugoslavia to stop genocide in Kosovo  was nothing 
but a pretext to do so because there was no genocide in the province in 
the first place, the daily said.

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