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Syndicate: New Media Scotland Commissions: Call for proposals

New Media Scotland

Call for proposals from artists, film makers, musicians, writers to create
new works using digital technologies.

New Media Scotland is an agency facilitating arts activity shaped by new
technologies. With a national remit to expand the audiences for cutting
edge artworks, New Media Scotland operates through partnerships to create
new opportunities and alliances.

We are particularly keen to work with emerging artists and to supply new
creative contexts for established artists.

Digital Art Commissions x 10

Ten artists will receive fees, a budget and specialist training to produce
interactive digital artworks.

Moving Image Commissions x 3

Three artists based in Scotland will receive fees, a budget and support to
produce short single screen works, produced using video and digital

For further details and an application pack send a large A4 stamped
addressed envelope to:

New Media Scotland
P.O. Box 25065
Glasgow	G1 5YP

Or browse:

Deadline for receipt of proposals 30 November 1999.

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